Ayumi Tachibana
Ayumi trophy
Ayumi Tachibana
Full Name Ayumi Tachibana
Current Age 15 (Famicom Detective Club Part II)
17 (Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir)
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Assistant of Utsugi Detective Agency
Utsugi Detective Agency
Family and Relations
Toshie Tachibana (mother)
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Japanese
Voice Actor(s)
Yuko Minaguchi
First Appearance Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir (1988)

Ayumi Tachibana is a prominent character in the Famicom Detective Club series. In the first series of games, Ayumi Tachibana solves the murder of one of her friends, and later becomes an assistant Utsugi detective agency, where she works with the player. While working at Utsugi, she helps solve the mystery of a legal expiration case that connects to her friend's murder. In the first game (second, chronologically), Ayumi helps solve the mystery surrounding a family's reincarnation legend being tied to the various murders. In the final game, Ayumi returns to her home in Ochitani to see her family, but later has to solve a case after the mayor is found dead by Toshie, Ayumi's mother.

Ayumi later made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the first (and only) time she made an appearance outside of Japan. This has given her, and the Famicom Detective Club series, an international fanbase.


Other Appearances

The Stories of New Tendo City

Ayumi Tachibana makes her television debut in the Stories of New Tendo City. In the series, she keeps both her detective persona, as well as her role as a high school student. The series also potrays her as a bit rebellious, mostly towards her older cousin, Takamaru Tachibana, mainly due to her romantic relationship with Mike Jones, who Takamaru strongly disapproves of. She is also the owner of the talkative, and quite sarcastic Detective Pikachu who also distrusts Mike Jones, and wishes that she wouldn't flirt with him!