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Ayumi Takes on the Case?!
Universe Detective Club
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability DLC
Final Smash Case Closed

Ayumi Tachibana (あゆみ立花, Ayumi Tachibana) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V as a paid DLC Character. She is part of the Veteran x Detective DLC Pack which was released on February 17, 2021.

Ayumi Tachibana is a character from the Famicom Detective Club series. In the first series, she solves the mystery behind the murder of her friend, Yoko Kojima, and consequently becomes an assistant at the Utsugi detective agency along with the protagonist of the game. She appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which had many inaccuracies regarding the character. Ayumi Tachibana acts as the main character in the Satellaview video game BS Detective Club: Lost Memories in the Snow, where she was portrayed by Yuko Minaguchi.

She is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

Like Marth, Cloud, and Roy, she only has a japanese dub. She is voiced by Yuko Minaguchi, her voice actor in BS Detective Club: Lost Memories in the Snow. Yuko has portrayed character various characters in anime shows including Videl (Dragon Ball), Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) and Freyja (Sword Art Online II)



Strong defensive options

Case Confidence attribute

Fast fall speed


Quite weak without full confidence meter


Fast fall speed


Ayumi may not be too much of a fighter but she has picked up quite some self-defense skills since joining the detective agency. Ayumi has an “evidence”-based special attribute called Case Confidence. It involves a small bar over opponent’s heads that slowly builds up the more Ayumi interacts with the opponent. Once full, Ayumi gains a boost to her power, speed, and defense. Her movements also become much more aggressive and less serene and her power boost is shown through the much more aggressive execution of her attacks and voice clips. The bar gradually depletes as the effects go on before becoming completely empty causing the effects to cease being able to be built up once again but slightly slower and slower each time it completely fills until the next life in which it reverts back to the initial fill time. Note: In a match involving more than two players, the bar is placed above the first opponent she makes contact with. It also has no effects on a teammate in team battle with team attack on.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 2%, 2%, 4%, CC: 3%, 3%, 4.5% Attacks with briefcase twice before doing a heavy forward kick.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 8%, 6.5% (late), CC: 10%, 7% (late) Swings briefcase forward.
Forward Tilt 7%, CC: 9% Quickly swats arm forward.
Up Tilt 12%, CC: 14% Swats arm upwards. Quite strong but doesn’t combo into itself.
Down Tilt 6% (leg), 4.5% (foot), CC: 7.5% (leg), 6% (foot) Push leg forward in a similar fashion to Ryu’s heavy down tilt. Easily punished due to endlag.
Forward Smash 16%, CC: 19% Holds arm backwards before unleashing a powerful palm strike.
Up Smash 11%, 8%(late), CC: 13%, 10%(late) Swings briefcase skyward. Quite weak.
Down Smash 12% (feet), 14.5% (legs), CC: 14% (feet), 17% (legs) Performs a quick split in a somewhat similar fashion to fox. Strongest at her base leg area.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 7% (clean), 4% (late), CC: 9% (clean), 5% (late) Holds knee upwards. Long hitbox duration.
Forward Aerial 11.5%, CC: 13% Leads attacking with a leg.
Back Aerial 11.5%, CC: 14% Swings briefcase behind herself. Good KO move.
Up Aerial 11%, CC: 13.5% Swings briefcase overhead.
Down Aerial 12.5%, CC: 15% Slams one foot downwards. Sends opponents horizontally and does not meteor smash. The Case Confidence version, however, can spike.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 2%, CC: 4% Whacks opponent with briefcase.
Forward Throw 8%, CC: 10% Kicks opponent forward.
Back Throw 7%, CC: 10% Throws the opponent lightly behind herself.
Up Throw 12%, CC: 15% Kicks the opponent upwards. Can KO at much later percents.
Down Throw 4% (spin), 4% (throw), CC: 6% (spin), 6% (throw) Spins and slams the opponent down. Very good combo throw.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Lays arm and leg outwards.
Floor Attack (back) 7% Lays arm and leg outwards.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Kicks as she gets up.
Edge Attack 7% Attacks using briefcase.

Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Inspecting Ayumi holds a magnifying glass forward which produces a spherical glow in thin air that auto aims towards the opponent. If it touches the opponent, the glowing light poofs away and the Case Confidence meter gains a huge boost. Can be cancelled at anytime by hitting the special move again as Ayumi is essentially a sitting duck while using it.
Alternate 1 - - -
Alternate 2 - - -
Side Special Flashlight 5-7% (early), 3% (late) Ayumi flashes her flashlight which extends out a decent range. It stuns enemies as they’re placed in a shocked/surprised facial expression and stance. The earlier the enemies are hit with the beam the longer they’re stunned. If dodged, Ayumi leaves herself quite vulnerable.
Alternate 1 - - -
Alternate 2 - - -
Up Special Umbrella 4% Ayumi opens up her umbrella pointing it up in the air as she rises before drifting horizontally. Works very similar to Peach’s but does less damage (no multiple hits, less hitstun) and has a much stronger wind box.
Alternate 1 - - -
Alternate 2 - - -
Down Special Avoid Functions much like a spot dodge (shield + control stick in any direction) but the invincibility time is much longer allowing her to dodge things that couldn’t be dodged with a regular spot dodge (things like multiple hit attacks and dash attacks). Is it too long, though? Must be used with caution.
Alternate 1 - - -
Alternate 2 - - -
Final Smash Case Closed 8% (Part 1), 65% (Part 2) Two part final smash. Ayumi grabs a nearby opponent then begins to quickly speak to them about the “crime” they committed causing the opponent a massive headache. Ayumi then takes a serene stance as wind appears to blow her hair. She then changes stances and facial expression very abruptly to something much more serious then points forward as she’s joined by the Male Protagonist from the Famicom Detective Club before they both shout “ケースが閉じています!” (Kēsu ga tojite imasu! or “The case is closed!” in english). This sends a strong electrifying blast outward destroying everything in it’s path. Quite a comical final smash and practically inescapable, however, the second part does not happen if the first part doesn’t connect on an opponent.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Zelda.


SIDE - tbd.

UP - tbd.

DOWN - tbd.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Ayumi closes her briefcase before looking forward with determination.

On Screen Appearance

She walks forward before dropping her briefcase to throw her coat to the side while saying 準備ができて!(Junbi ga dekite!) (I'm ready!)

Victory Animations


Losing Animation

Claps with briefcase placed on the ground.

Crowd Cheer

“A - yu - mi!”

Victory Theme

A remixed version of The Girl Who Stands Behind (0:07-0:23)

Fighting Stance

Stands straight with one leg slightly outward holding briefcase with both hands.

Idle Poses

Places her hand on her mouth open in a shocked manner.

Strokes hair.


Simply walks forward.


Runs forward holding briefcase outward with the other arm moving as she runs.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description

Reveal Trailer

The Girl who...Stands Behind...?

What appears to be an office room is shown. "Watashitachiha, atarashī kēsu o motte imasu. (We have a new case.)" comes out the mouth of a built teenage boy walking forward. The camera is zoomed in on the mouth down of a female figure with hair, wearing a coat over what appears to be a school uniform. "Unn, sumasshu. (Hmm, Smash.)", they say. "Kore wa hijō ni kyōmibukai mono ni suru hitsuyō ga arimasu, (This should be quite interesting,)" "soredewa, dekakemashou. (let's head out now.)". "Hai. (Alright.)". Both proceed to walk towards the door as the female grabs a briefcase. As they open it, a blinding light blasts through. They both look at each other quite astonished. The scene then shifts to an ongoing battle between Mario, Palutena, a Male Inkling, and Ryu on the Palutena's Temple stage. Their battle is immediately halted as they notice two figures walking up. They stop to look torwards the figures. The female proceeds to take off her coat as she speaks, the camera finally revealing what appears to be a girl in her teenage years, "Kon'nichiwa, sumasshu. Watashi wa... Ayumi yo. (Hello, smash. I'm...Ayumi.)


  • The render was created by a DeviantArt member named ArtyTank.

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