We fight for Evil!
We live for disorder!
We like what we do!
We eat donuts!
We wear the trendiest clothes!
We hold axes all the time!
We are the...
Axem Rangers X roll call

Axem Rangers X

The Axem Rangers X.

The Axem Rangers X is a group of five color-coded robots, upgraded by their creator, Smithy. They originally were just known as the Axem Rangers before they were upgraded.

Character Descriptions

Axem Red

"Tyrannosaurus!" Red is the leader of the Rangers. He is a balance fighter. He was the last ranger to be killed by Uiji. He is later revived by Uiji to kill Peach, but fails, this time allowed to live.

Axem Black

"Mastodon!" Black is the second in command. He is referred to as "hotshot" often, mainly because he often rushes into battle without thinking and that he seems to be the coolest of the Axem Rangers. He is a speed fighter. He was the third ranger to be killed by Uiji and, like Red, was revived with the same mission and fails.

Axem Green

"Dragonzord!" Green is the "smart one". He is a magic fighter, meaning he is a technique fighter. He was the fourth ranger to be killed by Uiji. He shares the same luck with Red and Black.

Axem Pink


Pink is the "pretty smart-aleck". She is a technique fighter. After she fails in her mission, she is the first ranger to be killed by Uiji, and was never revived, being permantly replaced by Axem Blue.

Axem Yellow

"Saber-tooth tiger!" Yellow is the bulkiest of the rangers. He is a power fighter. After he fails, he is the second ranger to be killed, and shares the same luck with Red, Black and Green.

Axem Blue


After Axem Pink was murdered, Smithy built Axem Blue, permantly replacing her.



  • The Axem Rangers are obvious spoofs of the Power Rangers.

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