Avengers 2099
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering, Beenox Studios, Raven Software, Vicarious Visions.
Platform(s) NX, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Age Rating(s)
T, Pegi 16.
Series Avengers 2099
Predecessor None
Cost $39.99 (All Versions)
 Avengers 2099 is the start of a brand-new series set in Marvel's very own world of tomorrow; focusing on various versions of noticeable Marvel characters, Avengers 2099 is the start of a series on Tomorrowland's Mightiest Heroes.

Players can choose from 8 individual heroes, each a noticeable variant of a classic hero.



Act 1: Assemble (Alchemax Arc)

Act 2: Rise of Ultron (Ultron Arc)

Act 3: Nations Divided (Baron Zemo Arc)

Act 4: United They Fall (Kang the Conqueror Arc)


Avenger Story Powers Voice Actor
Spider-Man 2099

After an industrial accident endowed him with similar powers to Peter Parker, Alchemax employee Miguel O'Hara ended up becoming the new Spider-Man of the future and decided to fight the corruption within the Alchmax corporation.

Although he lacks the traditional Spider-Sense, he still has most of the basic powers: web-spinning, wall-crawling, spiderlike agility, strength and speed, even retractable, poisonous claws.

  • Spider-Rush (Sticks threads of webbing to the ground, pulls himself back, then slingshots into foes at high velocity; breaks shields with upgrade)
  • Web Flail (Ties a foe up in a ball of  webbing, swings them continuously around in a radial area, then throws them when the button is released; uses more foes with upgrade)
  • Web Bounce Strike (Leaps high into the air, then uses a thread of webbing to slam down hard into the nearby ground, damaging foes in a set radius; knocks foes back with an ending radial attack with upgrade)
  • Ground Ripper (Uses webbing to rip up chunks of the ground and beat up foes in rapid succession; ground chunks can be thrown with upgrade)
Dan Gilvezean
Hulk 2099

A former corporate goon, John Eisenhart was content with a life of serving an evil company and playing dirty to win for them; that is, at least until he met the order known as the "Knights of Banner", a secret society dedicated to illegal gamma radiation experiments, all with a common goal: making a new Hulk to defend the innocent people. After an ensuing clash between the Knights and the local "police", Eisenhart became the new Hulk by accident.

Being a monstrous brute, Hulk has INCREDIBLE physical power; but he doesn't have any ranged power. Plus his armor is pretty bad; but he can regenerate his health moderately to make up for the lack of armor and ranged power.

  • Gamma Punch (A chargeable gamma-irradiated punch that slowly damages foes with radiation damage afterward; radiation damage is stronger with upgrade)
  • Elbow Drop (Leaps up and drops, elbow first, into the ground, creating a radial shockwave that stuns nearby foes; automatic popup damage with upgrade)
  • Monstrous Rush (Charges forward, tackling the first available foe and pummeling them mercilessly; affects big enemies with upgrade)
  • Hulk Smash (Leaps up high, then crashes into the ground with tremendous force, damaging enemies in a large radius; causes popup and stun damage with upgrade)
Fred Tatasciore
Captain America 2099

Although she had no idea she was a super-soldier until she found out herself, Roberta Mendez later adopted the same mantle of her ancestor Sam Wilson: Captain America. Donning a futuristic costume similar to Wilson, she fights alongside Spider-Man against Alchemax CEO Walker Sloan's unfair policy against superheroes.

Unlike most would expect of a supersoldier, she's a mixed attacker: her shield involves physical attacks, and her wings project ranged ones. Her armor's pretty moderate, too, so if you want a character that's balanced, look no further.

  • Shield Smash (Hits foes with the signature Captain America shield, repeated button pressing resulting in a combo that knocks foes down; more combos obtained with upgrade)
  • Flying Rush (Charges forward, shield-first, towards enemies in a flying dash attack; breaks shields and stuns foes with upgrades)
  • Air Slash (Generates a chargeable blast of air which travels long distances but loses power as it goes, down to 50% at maximum range; power loss is removed with upgrade)
  • Sonicboom (Shoots a close range sonicboom which stuns nearby enemies; increased radius plus knockback effect with upgrade)
Kari Wahlgren
Titanium Man 2099

Descendant of original Avenger and Iron-willed hero Tony Stark, Jonathan Stark was raised by the android Vision at the behest of his father, then later rebuilt the Iron Man suit to let himself live in any kind of temperature. He later modified the suit with specialized repulsor technology to fight the criminals in New York's underworld.

A technical and well-armored character,  Jonny Stark's armor has quite the amount of protection thanks to a special set of armor plating; he does lack genuinely up-close fighting techniques, but the ranged skill and armor are more than capable of making up for it.

  • Repulsor Punch (Charges forward with a rocket-powered punch; breaks shields with upgrade)
  • Sonic Disruptor (Fire a short-range cannon shot; stuns large enemies with upgrade)
  • Radial Plasma Charges (Launch a hailstorm of explosive energy charges; more charges and larger range with upgrade)
  • Repulsor MK150 (Fires an ultra-powerful force beam that can continue with holding the button; fires two repulsors with upgrade)
Matthew Mercer
Scarlet Witch 2099

An orphaned street girl with mutant powers of manipulation and a penchant for pickpocketing, Wanda Magnus descended from the bloodline of Magneto's daugther Polaris, and gained several mystical-based mutant powers from her bloodline; although she went relatively unnoticed for a lot of years, she became known when she rescued Jonny Stark from Alchemax-hired kidnappers, and became his best friend and partner in the Avengers.

Her psionic, mental and hexbolt abilities provide her with some nice coverage against a large group of enemies, since her psionic abilities can temporarily stun a lot of foes at once, giving her time to hit them with another attack. The stunning comes in handy since her armor is abysmal. 

  • Hexbolt Barrage (Shoots a repeating barrage of energy blasts that cause a bit of lingering damage afterward; shoots four with one shot with upgrade)
  • Psionic Attack (Stuns foes with a powerful psionic wave attack; damages foes and stuns them longer with upgrade)
  • Mental Shield (Wanda focuses her mental abilities, greatly shielding her from attacks for a brief time; shield duration is increased with upgrade)
  • Mind Assault (Greatly damages stunned foes with a powerful mental attack; stuns foes within the radius of already-stunned foes with upgrade)
Ashley Greene
Vision 2099

Built by Hank Pym in the year 1997, the Vision oversaw the original Avengers formation, as well as their heroic sacrifice to stop the war between the Skrulls, the Kree and the Sh'iar; later in the timeline, he became the android guardian to Iron Man's descendant Jonny Stark and oversaw his transformation into Titanium Man.

Vision is a skilled ranged attacker and decently armored, but due to his lack of physical prowess, Vision can't really handle close-up fights as well; but the Intangibility, while slowly draining stamina (and preventing Vision from attacking), can be a nice way to sneak out of the crowd, appear elsewhere then follow up with a powerful energy blast. 

  • Energy Blast (Shoots a chargeable blast fueled by solar energy; bounces off (and damages) up to 4 foes with upgrade)
  • Vision's Sense (Getting a quick scope of the enemies he faces, Vision disappears, then quickly attacks all foes onscreen, greatly damaging foes, but greatly draining the stamina meter; stamina draining is reduced with upgrade)
  • Intangibility (Becomes completely untouchable to enemies and as a result completely invisible, but drains the stamina meter slowly; doubled invisibility duration with upgrade)
  • Ground Slam (Vision slams the ground with his fist, stunning foes in a massive range, stopping them in their tracks; increased stun duration with upgrade)
Troy Baker
Black Panther 2099

Initially intending to bring her now-reclusive country to better terms with the United States, Wakandan queen M'yala Munroe, descendant of the X-Woman Storm and T'Challa, went at odds almost immediately with Victor von Doom, having heard the many stories of him, but gradually got to put aside their enmity for the sake of the international security.

A warrior of immense strength, Black Panther can prove to be a powerful physical attacker, with her Energy Daggers stunning foes, leading for powerful combos with the Critcal Blow and Vibranium Claws moves. Panther's Might only strengthen those attacks further, but as a result, they cost more stamina power when used until the boost wears off.

  • Vibranium Claws (Slashes foes with vibranium laced claws, repeated button presses resulting in a whirlwind combo; lingering damage added with upgrade)
  • Energy Daggers (Panther throws a set of energy daggers which do low damage but always stun foes; stun duration and increased dagger count with upgrade)
  • Critical Blow (Attacks stunned foes with a focused and powerful blow that always results in a critical strike, doing massive damage; adds a second strike with upgrade)
  • Panther's Might (Focusing her power, Panther's attacks give off an increased damage output; duration is increased with upgrade)
Dawnn Lewis
Doctor Doom 2099

A man claiming to be the original Victor von Doom, Doom had no idea how he got to the later period of the 21st century, but found out that an elite corproate muscle man named Tyger Wylde seized control of Latveria's throne and buisness affairs; overthrowing the pretender, Doom started to revolutionize Latveria into a great nation once again.

Electricity is Doom's primary element, considering it conducts through his sword, his lasers and his wristblades; it sticks to foes doing damage over time even after Doom hits an enemy. As for his stats, he covers a fair amount of combat styles, having both ranged and melee attack; his armor is decent as well, so he's pretty well-rounded.

  • Swordsmanship (Slashes foes with an electrified sword, repeated button presses resulting in a combo that ends with a radial electric attack; initial slashes do more damage with upgrade)
  • Mask of Doom (Blast foes with a pair of electrified laser generated from Doom's mask, causing continuous electric damage but little initial damage; attack range increased with upgrade)
  • Doom Wristblades (Doom extends his taserlike wristblades, adding more initial damage plus electrical damage to his regular attacks for a time; duration is increased with upgrade)
  • Doomsday (Viciously attacks foes with a powerful electromagnetic storm; radius and electric damage output increased with upgrade)
Clive Reville


Character Controls

Action Description
Fast Movement System Each character has a specific movement system based on their primary method of self-transportation; these systems are equipped with fast speed modes and a few movement-system-based attacks:
  • Web-Swinging: Spider-Man 2099's movement system; allowing him to zip around from building to building with ease, the Web-Swinging comes with a Web Zip attack that allows him to get close and start up a combo.
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  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
Special Powers
Basic Attacks
Attack Combos




  • Avengers 2099 Main Theme
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