Avengers: Hero's of Earth is a Beat-em up created by Geek Inc.


Avengers: Hero's of Earth has classic, old-school Beat-em up controls, where up to 4 players battle dozens of bad guys. Each level has a Mission that you need to complete, like get to the goal or save ___ civilians. TBA


The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Hawkeye) where at Stark Towers when Nick Fury calls. He tells them that the Wrecking Crew has invaded New York and are destroying monuments. TBA



Character Information
Captain America

It's pretty hard to think that this guy is over 75 years old! Steve Rogers (A.K.A Captain America) is equiped with his sheild at all times.

Iron Man After being held captive by some terrorist group, Tony Stark built his own armor to escape. He then decided to protect others as Iron Man!
Hulk After getting a Gamma Bomb in the face, Bruce Banner got the power to turn into the Hulk whenever he's angry. He's...kinda hard to control.

Being a very skilled Marksman, Hawkeye is one of the few members without powers. However, his Bow and Arrow are pretty much all he needs.


Characters Information Unlocking
SpiderMan While Peter Parker is not a offical Avenger, he has time and time again aided them. Beat "Big mess at the big apple"
Agent Venom Wait, Venom is good now? Well, yes! This time, however, Venom uses guns and other wepons. Beat "Big mess at the big apple"
Ant-Man Using Pymp Particals and a fancy belt, Ant-Man can grow and shrink to his hearts content. He's also known as Giant-Man! Beat "Lab Rats"
Thing The Thing is a member of the Fantastic 4. He's the strongest, bravest, and is also the pilot. Beat "Fantastic Mess"


Name Mission Boss Unlocks
Big mess at the Big Apple Save and protect 5 by-standers The Wrecking Crew SpiderMan, Agent Venom
Lab Brats Find all 7 Blueprints for the Quin-Jet Zazzs Ant-Man
Fantastic Mess Get to the goal and defeat the boss M.O.D.O.K The Thing, Mr. Fantastic
Brawl in the sky Pilot the Quin-Jet to the next location Green Goblin Falcon
Mansion Panic Find Professer X and Jean Grey Magneto Jean Grey, Beast
Merc with a mouth Just try to beat me, losers! Me, Deadpool! Take a guess.
Agents of S.M.A.S.H Aid She-Hulk and Skarr in battle The Leader She-Hulk
Frosty but deadly Defeat all the Frost-Giants Loki/Frost-Giant leader Thor
Hydra-phobia Get to the goal and defeat the boss Red Skull Winter Soldier
Castle of Doom (P1) Disarm all the bombs in time. Doom Bots Jonny Storm
Castle of Doom (P2) Find and destroy Doom's laser Victor Von Doom Silver Surfer
Jumping the shark Find and recrute some Hero's and Bad Guys No-One Dr. Doom, Green Goblin
The final showdown Defeat Galactus once and for all Galactus Spider Woman, Nova, Ghost Rider
(Bonus) Wave after Wave Fight off bad guys as long as you can No-One The Watcher




  • TBA

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