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Full Name Aveira
Current Age 20
Date of Birth November 09
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Glasses
First Appearance Empire
Latest Appearance Empire
Aveira is a character that appears in Empire. She also appears in the Ziama Prime title, Dimensional Destruction.


Aveira was raised always thinking she would achieve success in her life commercially, and was always encouraged by her parents to try hard at school to make the best life for herself that she could. She completed high school easily, with great marks, and managed to go to college. She found college to be very tough, especially as most of her friends had relationships and were out partying, which she never found to be too enjoyable. She managed to pass through college, and got accepted into the second best university in the country. 

After graduating from university, she became a physicist, but was later dropped from the line of work after it becoming too overpopulated. She met Vermilion, and together they became secret agents, before losing that line of work as well.


Aveira isn't the most sociable person you've ever met. She likes having friends around her, but finds it incredibly difficult to maintain them when put out of a situation where you're forced to converse. For example, when she left education she found it incredibly hard to keep in contact with her friends who went their separate ways. After meeting Vermilion, she is trying to stay as close to her as possible, to try and keep a friendship that is outside of her family.




Aveira is one of the main characters in Empire, alongside Vermilion. 

Dimensional Destruction







  • Aveira was originally intended to be the Tess persona, however that was later changed to Vermilion since she was given the lead role in the television series, Vermilion Ashes.
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