Ave is one of characters in show Pokémon TSD. He live in Sandgem Town,Sinnoh. He very like any kind of mysteries, and because of this, his favorite Pokémon is Unown in ? form.

His sprite

He carry a Pokémon handbook, that gives him quick information of any Pokémon.


Pokémon Soon to be Obtained

  • Unown(Episode to be Obtained: TBA)
  • Chikorita(Episode to be Obtained: TBA)
  • Porygon(Episode to be Obtained: TBA)
  • Corphish(Episode to be Obtained: TBA)


Through he is kind to everyone, he is one of speed types. He always want to be first in doing something, like catching a Pokémon. When someone angers him, he become very aggressive.

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