Avast a New Frontier is a story by Clear Discoherency exploring the idea of a Mario reboot.


The year is 1983 set in Brooklyn, New York. Mario and Luigi Benivieni are your average Italian Americans and the successors to the Benivieni & Nephews Plumbing Company. On one (un)regular day on the job, they notice to sewage systems of many Brooklyn residents being clogged by turtle-like creatures. After getting many of these bizarre reports from people all around Brooklyn, the city mayor sends every plumber in the area underground to investigate these strange occurrences. After getting separated from the other plumbers and getting lost in the city sewers, Mario and Luigi head down a pipe that leads them to a world beyond their imagination. Bowser, the infamous prince of the Koopa Kingdom has finally succeeded the throne in his father's passing. With Bowser's coronation comes the worst case scenario. He attacks the nearby Mushroom Kingdom in order to kidnap the Mushroom Princess Toadstool and consummate a forced marriage with her. With no other heirs to the Mushroom throne, there is no one left to challenge Bowser's rule in this bizarre world. The citizens of Mushroom are terrorized by the fellow countrymen who have betrayed them under the rule of Bowser's iron fist. These traitors, the Goombas, prowl the night and punish those who do not swear allegiance to Mushroom's vile conqueror. Even the Mushroom Royal Knights, the Toad are powerless against the might of Bowser. With complete control of his own world, Bowser sets out to control the blue planet beyond the pipes. However, Mario and Luigi become the Mushroom Kingdom's two burning stars of hope. In order to save their own world, they'll have to save another at all costs. They are the ones who will truly avast a new frontier.

Additional notes

I'm waiting to get the opinion of the community before I decide whether this story would be worth my time or not to write. Leave your opinion in the talk section as that will determine whether or not I spend the time to write this story.--Hi I'm dummmmmmy re-join unmario! 03:31, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

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