Autores Piratore
Autores' basic appearance
Full Name Autores Piratore
Date of Birth August 1
Species Human
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Twelve (siblings)
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis
First Appearance HACKED
Okay, that's it. I'm becoming a pirate.... again.
Autores Piratore

Autores Piratore, also known as Tori, is the main deuteragonist of the HACKED series. Autores appears to be a human girl with long black hair (which is usually tied into a ponytail) and blue eyes. Originally, she wore tattered clothing that she managed to steal from ignorant (and poverish) Gamiodes. When Jake returned to "The Game", however, he managed to get her a brown leather jacket, a pink t-shirt, a "stylish" brown belt and a pair of navy blue jeans. Additionally, Autores wears her pirate bandanna around her neck, being the only part of her she retains from her pirating days. Like Jake, Autores often breaks the fourth wall, though only in Jake's presence.

Autores is also one of the Twelve: a group of AI's living inside of a computer program, that can jump through programs at will. She is the eighth Twelfth, as she reveals her birthday to be August 1, and has both the normal telekinetic and hacking prowess (though at a lesser state; as she reveals that she could not get out of "The Game"), but also the command over water.


HACKED series


Autores appears as the main deuteragonist, and one of the four, playable characters in HACKED. In this game, Autoresis introduced relatively early in the game, and she reveals to have been a pickpocket since HAX took over "The Game". When she tries to steal from Jake, she remembers him and apologizes, but flees due to being ashamed of herself. She is later found and joins Jake in his fight against HAX.

Autores also learns of her role as one of the Twelve in this game.


Game artwork


  • There are several continuity errors with Autores: as she claims to have been born inside "The Game", yet, like the other Twelve, owns her own personal world. It is possible that the Creators had coded her directly into "The Game" itself, but gave her a world for if she would ever learn of her abilities.
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