Autores (reboot)
Autores' basic appearance
Full Name Autores Piratore
Current Age 20
Date of Birth August 1
Gender Female
Species Human
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis
Nationality Unknown
Height 6'02"
Weight 138 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance HACKED

Autores Piratore is the main deuteragonist of the HACKED series, a pirate with fierce independence and little knowledge of the cyber world until HAX accidentally dragged her into it. Having lived off of a poverty-infested life before meeting Jake, she tends to be a loner or a fighter, and is silent if the former, and loud and intimidating if the latter. She does not gain cyber abilities, unlike Jake, as it couldn't overwrite her aquakinesis abilities.

Physical Apperance

Alike Jake, Autores is human, but has black hair in a large ponytail, yet retains the blue color that Jake's eyes have.  She often wears either tattered or fresh "pirate gear", consisting of a brown coat and a pink t-shirt as well as a long, brown belt that she can pull out and use as a harmful weapon of sorts.  Occasionally, she wears a brown bandanna.


Autores shares Jake's traits of being caring and helpful, but isn't pessimistic as she is independent.  Initially though, she was rude, much more fierce on her indepenent, and pushed away outsiders and picked on the ones that didn't do anything at her level.  She also used to be fairly negative and very untrusting of everyone around her, but it changed when Jake saved her life from an explosion of data, making her more calm and having her heavily trust Jake, to the point where it almost reached a one-sided crush.


Autores somehow has aquakinesis abilities, able to create water with her hands and trap enemies in water to slow them down or douse them with hot or cold water.  Otherwise, she can slash enemies apart with her hook or fire it away from her as a powerful "bullet" or swing it onto ledges for her to swing off of.



Initially, Autores didn't like Jake at all, but decided to become his friend after he saved her life from danger.  Before that, she looked down on him and called him "bratty" and "immature", and he tried to break past it all but eventually failed on it, but tried to make up for Jake when she finally realized that picking on him was wrong.  It even got to the point where she now has a one-sided crush on Jake.


Game artwork


  • Despite her status as a pirate, Autores hasn't really acted much like one since the events of HACKED.