Authur Bellrose
Current Age 29
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix
Latest Appearance Ultimate World Grand Prix

Author Bellrose is an adult Male who lives in France (Paris to be exact). Authur simply works in a restaurant nearby the great Eiffel Tower and when Authur hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, then he decides to join and compete against everybody on the track.


Authur Bellrose is an adult man who resides in Paris, France. Authur lives in his own apartment and has a job as a waiter at a restaurant. Authur had a successful job and the restaurant he works for is one of the best in Paris. When Authur hears about the Ultimate World Grand Prix, he deicdes to enter and try to win the Grand Prize.


Ultimate World Grand Prix

Authur is a default character and has great acceleration and decent speed and handling.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Authur always tries to keep his head up and concentrate whenever working on his job. He may get a little distracted at times, but he always tries his best.

Physical Appearance

Authur has pale-ish skin and usually wears a black suit and shoes. Authur's hair color is also dark brown.