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Austin drawn by EGC


Austin is a Wiggler and one of the two best friends of Lemmykoopa24 (the other being Brandon). He is a bright red Wiggler with an abnormally large appetite, purple shoes and a wacky personality. He is a captain of the New Koopa Troop. His favourite food is popcorn.

Powers & Abilities

Austin can do everything a Wiggler can do and is twice as big as a regular Wiggler. He can run incredibly fast and jump very high as well as breath fire. He can eat almost anything and digest it into a ball of magma which he can then throw at enemies (much like Yoshi). He can also rear up on his hind legs and crash back onto the ground to create a shockwave.

Role in Fantendo: World Tour


Austin in comparison to a normal Wiggler.

He knows ghetto speech and often talks in it, his appetite remains the same. He was the third eliminated.


  • Austin and Brandon are based off Lemmykoopa24 (tbc)'s best friends in real life.

Austin the Wiggler

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