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Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) Beanstalk Inc. Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo64logo
Release Date(s)
Usa-flags October 12, 1998

Uk-flag October 12, 1998

Japan Flag March 3, 2000

Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
TRating A CERO cero
Genre(s) Action/RPG
Series Aurastormlogo
Predecessor None
Successor Aurastorm: Songs of The Seven Sirens
Media Included NES cartridge temp

Aurastorm is an Action RPG game developed by Beanstalk Inc.. It was released on October 12, 1998 in the US and came out for the Nintendo 64. It involves a young teenage prince named Prince Sabel attempting to save his kingdom from the dark forces of the Katakamba tribe. It is the first installment in the Aurastorm series. It has been re-released on the Wii , Wii U , and Storybook Virtual Consoles. It is on track for the Pi Virtual Console.


In the deepest of debts and the harshed of wars, the Thara Kingdom always held together and stayed strong. One day, however, evil descended upon the entire kingdom, destroying ancient bonds and killing millions. The sacred Bond of Trust was snapped in half by the advanced warriors of the Katakambian people, raining fires of hell upon the Castle Ferrx, the last refuge. The last survivors cried in grief as invaders flooded the castle, killing all inside, even the servants. However, two of the King Krono's sons were outside on the frontlines, trying to keep the barbarians out. Seeing as they could do no more, they gathered the stragglers and ran for the forest, leaving their family to die.

Upon storming the castle, the Katakamba chief Chief Chach invaded the villages, killing anyone who wouldn't become slaves. It was only a few weeks before the entire Kingdom had fallen, with one exception - the Crimson Woods. Realizing their time for escape was limited, the survivors fled to the only place they could; the Perro Islands.

Throughout the story, Prince Sabel and Corbs kill off major Katakambian leader and harness the power of the aura to restore charred lands. As they walk up the steps to Castle Ferrx, their salesman, Crabby, tries to kill them - he'd betrayed the group in order to earn himself a top position in the Katakamba government, and a life of luxury. You must battle and kill Crabby before you face Chief Chach and his right-hand warriors, leaving you damaged for the battle.

After you kill Chach, a bittersweet peace fills the kingdom, and the countryside returns to it's former glory. Prince Sabel refuses to become known by another name, so while he is still the ultimate ruler of Thara, he is still called Prince Sabel.


Image Name Role Desciption
Aura Prince Sabel Playable Character Prince Sabel is the only playable character in the game and the heir to the Thara Kingdom. He was often teased and bullied as a young child by other royal children, leading him to become shy and conservative. When his kingdom is taken over and his family slain, he must face his fears and use the power of the aura to stop the invasion and kill off the Katakambian warriors. His aura color is red, reflected by his shield Nuatalis, and his symbol is the dream symbol. This represents his pain for being kicked around and how he longed to escape it all.
Corbs Prince Corbs Helpful NPC Prince Corbs is the arrogant younger sibling of Prince Sabel, and one of his childhood bullies. He has always been jelous that his brother would inherit the kingdom, and has even attempted to kill him in the past in order to become king. He is forced to band with his brother to destroy the Katakambain tribes and save the remaining Thara people. His aura color is teal, and his symbol the "X". This represents his bosterous, concited nature as well as his short temper and anger issues.
Crabby Crabby Shopkeeper Crabby is an ogre/wizard hyrbid that has unknown origins. He has always been known as the shady salesperson, conning many folk out of money and cheating them to better his reputation among his "ogre relatives". Since he is not human, he cannot harness the power of the aura, and if he wants to fight he uses his cane to bounce on people's heads, similar to Cranky Kong. He sells items to Prince Sabel at "record low" prices and doesn't hesitate to give you a bad version of that item (like a Rotten Carrot when you paid for a Super Carrot). He uses magic often, but not in battle.
CheifChech Chief Chach Main Antagonist Chief Chach is the leader of the Katakamba tribe. Despite his appearence, Chief Chach is mearly a human dressed in traditional attire and suffering from dwarfism. He is a cruel and merciless ruler, often compared to the Nazi and Spartan politicial parties. His aura color is hot pink, which deeply embaresses him, and his symbol is a bloody arm. This represents death and eternal pain.


Image Item Location Use Price'
TBA Bue Berry

Ground, Crabby's Shack

The Beu Berry is a cheap weapon that heals you a little bit. It is great for battle, being cheap and dispensible. They can be found littering the ground from the start of the game. When Crabby opens his shack, it is avaliable from the beginning. 200Ψ


Audio Main Theme - This theme plays in the prologue and the main menu.
Main Theme
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Audio Credits - This theme plays in the credits.
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In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japaneseオーラの嵐Aura Storm
SpanishVórtice de energíaVortex Power
Frenchtempête magieMagic Storm