August in August Blade
Full Name August
Current Age 22
Species Human
Location Rodenia
Class Hero/Anti-hero
Green Dynasty
Main Weapon(s) Sword
First Appearance August Blade (2011)
Latest Appearance August Blade 2 (2012)

August is the main character in August Blade. He is one of the few remaining warriors of the Green Dynasty, whose job is to rid Rodenia of the Shadow Tribe. He first stumbled across the Green Dynasty after witnessing the first Shadow Tribe invasion. He is one of the protagonists in the game.




August Blade

August Blade: The New Era

Star Smashers 2

August Blade 2

Personal Appearance

August is a medium/tall, young man. He has long, orange-brown hair that reaches his shoulders, and bright, blue eyes. He dons a long, gray cloak with numerous tears at the color. He also wears a white shirt under the cloak, and green pants. He also wears black and orange gloves that allows power transfer to his sword.