Augmatis' Appearance
Full Name Augmatis Effutem
Current Age 224
Gender Male
Species Lignimitis
Align Chaotic-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Vines

Razor Flowers


Ability/ies Create Flowers

Summon Vines

Vulnerable To Fire
Height 9.3m
Weight 1020.5kg
Augmatis is a large tree-like creature that is said to periodically travel the universe in search for others of its species. Augmatis named its own species and later had the species name officially recognized by the Beareau of Species due to him frequently being confused with other Plant-Like Species.


Overall Augmatis is a giant of a creature standing a bit over 9 metres in height and weight about a Metric Ton. His weight comes from his incredibly dense body especially in the brown sections as they are fully bark. His body has several scars on it which create different coloured layers on his body that also help distinguish his age as he seems to gain a new one every 70-ish years. His hair forms a large fluff at the front which he is able to blow cotton spores out of although they serve no purpose. His upper body is varying shades of green in colour while his arms range from cyan to dark blue ending in three large claw-like fingers.

His mid-section has a pair of bark straps that protect his core. Further down his body greatly expands in his lower body in which a large red seed-like structure takes up most of the body with his bark surrounding it partially. Augmatis is unsure what the seed is although believes it's likely what he originated from and has since grown out of. He also has two short, stubby legs with no toes although he can root them into most surfaces to give him stability in combat.


Despite his rather ominous grin and piercing, orange eyes, Augmatis is pretty harmless when it comes to individuals. He doesn't particularly stay around too long making it a hassle for those trying to keep in touch with him doing so. In addition he has a lack of interest in the rules and regulations of most planets tending to just burrow his way into locations he needs to go to or using his vines and flowers to gain access.

Augmatis' past is dotted with good and evil deeds, on multiple occasions Augmatis has both been sentenced to prison for trespassing and subsequently broken out of prison as well as on at least one occasion destroyed half a building fighting a living Rubber. However the good he's done seems to neutralize these acts at least in the eyes of most intergalactic police forces as he's somewhat known for restoring life to desolated planets as one of his abilities is to take plant DNA and rapidly create minor mutated versions of the plant to regrow on a planet thus keeping the species diversity alive. He has also on occasion, accidentally saved people, due to his sheer size and the soft leaves that comprise his hair making it a safe landing. He isn't usually aware of when this happens however.


Augmatis possesses three major abilities among other minor abilities although all are centralized around his plant-based structure. The first ability Augmatis possesses is that of summoning giant vines. It seems he has complete control over this ability as the vines can vary in both length, width and also composition as he's been known to create leafy, thorny, flowery, bark and cotton covered vines. This appears to be his main form of combat and uses them for both ranged and close quarters as they offer incredible strength and speed. The main limitation being however that they cannot exceed his own mass and therefore any creature that weighs more than 1 ton can usually withstand his vines as well as stronger creatures lighter than a ton.

Augmatis' second ability is to summon flowers that he can use both in combat and for more peaceful activities. The Flowers Augmatis summons can vary greatly especially if he's recently absorbed the DNA of other flowering plants. It seems the main types of flowers Augmatis can create are; Tulips, Lily Flowers & Plumerias. Augmatis can slightly augment the flowers for combat by making the petals incredibly sharp or brutefully powerful when thrown. Augmatis can use the flowers like Boomerangs and also have them orbit his body to provide protection and for quick attacks. It does seem Augmatis is unable to control more than 12 flowers at a time however.

The Final Major Ability Augmatis possesses is the ability to absorb the DNA of any plant and rapidly create slightly mutated versions of the plant. He has only been able to use this ability on planets with little to no vegetation remaining and believes the reason for him being unable to make it work on more green planets is due to the interference of other plants. Augmatis deliberatly mutates the plant DNA slightly to keep diversity in the species.


From Augmatis' own deduction he believes he was born from the seed located in his lower abdomen, he recalls spending several years outside of the seed, completely unable to sense anything except a breeze and some water on occasion and it took him a long time (not known how long) for him to develop his first eye so he could see. He is able to recall gaining his sense of hearing and then touch and has really only developed a sense of smell and taste because he wanted to.

Augmatis' earliest memory of him moving around was when he was about 35 years old judging by his rate of growth. Augmatis recalled that he once lived on a small dwarf planet that was almost completely a garden and that one day the planet he lived on was knocked off its orbit by a rogue asteroid. Augmatis recalls that for a long time his planet drifted through space and Augmatis spent that time conserving his energy, gathering more from nearby stars. Soon however the Dwarf Planet regained a new orbit near a new planet however the Dwarf Planet was actually very slowly crashing into said planet. Augmatis at the time had been able to feel the gravity of both planets due to his increasing size and knew his dwarf planet was doomed.

Augmatis ended up abandoning his planet with a fistful of dirt and a few flowers and crashed into a huge lake on the larger planet. As it turned out, luckily for Augmatis the planet he landed on had a surprisingly advanced species of Carnivorous Reptiles on it who helped him to secure the safety of the flowers he had gathered and would around the time Augmatis turned 90 help him create his own space ship which was capable of absorbing the energy of stars and conserving it for Augmatis' and the Flowers' consumption. From there Augmatis spent the next 110-ish years doing a variety of missions for various companies, individuals and organizations to help keep him and the flowers alive. Oddly despite this extremely long period of time none of the flowers seemed to grow as quickly as Augmatis did although luckily for Augmatis due to the sheer number of uninhabited planets in the universe he has repeatedly been able to upgrade his ship to fit his increased sizes.

Game Appearances

Augmatis is set to appear as a major character in an upcoming game, he is stated to be a shopkeeper who will aid the player buy selling various pieces of equipment in his ship in exchange for Seeds of Life. Augmatis also is explained to have a reward system and gives the player free items whenever Augmatis acquires enough Seeds of Life to upgrade his ship.


  • Augmatis' first and last names are crossed fusions of the Latin Words "Shed Growth" (Augmentum Effundatis)
  • Augmatis' height and weight are actually based of the Saguaro Cactus which is one of the largest in the world
  • Augmatis' Seed is based off the Red Bean