Attack of the Piranhas is the ninth episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 29th June, 2015.



When Princess Peach learns about her father's royal crown, she finds out it is guarded by a bunch of Piranha Plants are guarding it. Desperate, Peach gets Toadsworth, Police Guy and Starlow to help her get it back. She also hires Tiarer, Bobbert and Twila to help. Jealous, however, Morton Koopa Jr. teases them and says he'll make it before them.

The group first have to cross a long, wide bridge, then climb a high mountain, then get through a maze in the forest. They fall in a pit before making it, but Donkey Kong appears and helps them out.

As they make it there, they spot the crown trapped in a transparent block. Peach runs to grab it, but is swooped by a vine and thrown into a pit of Piranha Plants. The others try to fight off the Piranhas and vines. Starlow grabs the block, but it is too heavy for her to carry.

Eventually, two vines grab Tiarer and Police Guy and the rest are wounded and taken down. Suddenly, Morton appears and aims a Bullet Bill Gun at the Piranhas, however, he is knocked out the window by a spikeball. Whilst these distractions are happening, Toadsworth grabs the block, but drops it. It breaks and releases the crown. The breakage of the block causes the Piranhas to turn solid and crack.

The group then, along with Brighton, Donkey Kong and Morton, are seen camping outside, eating junk food, with the crown on Bobbert's head.


  • Although the episode tells us that the king's crown was stolen, it never explains how.
  • Avicii's song Hey Brother can be heard when the group are on their journey.
  • Brighton makes two minor appearances, at the start and at the very end of the episode.
  • Neither Mario nor Bowser appear in this episode.
  • None of the Toads other than Tiarer appear in this episode.

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