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Sandstorm Alligator Guy

"Atomically Correct" written by Exotoro

Atomically Correct is the second episode in Fantendo the Animated Series' second season. It was written by Exotoro, who wrote most of the episodes in that season.

This episode follows Ella as she teams up with a old foe of hers to take down a greater threat.


The episode begins with Ella listening to track 25 on her phone, which we listen to as well, even as something crashes through her house. Ella takes off her headphones, and looks up to see a giant robotic octopus. She attempts to bend the arms but seemingly can't.

She then notices that Amy Atom is attempting to attack it too. Ella comes up to a tired out Amy Atom, who tells her that the robotic octopus came through on her island and laid waste to it and it's now coming after Ella in Weststar, although she has no idea why.

The giant robotic octopus attempts to attack the two of them, although Amy creates a shield that deflects it's attack. Ella asks for Amy to give her one of her tanks and Amy tentatively agrees. She causes the tank to explode, allowing for Ella to jump using the explosion to get into the cockpit.

Inside she finds a strange being with many wires hooked up to him. As the two battle, Amy heads inside of Ella's house and creates a baseball bat to smash up some of her stuff, in a attempt to look for the necklace that was given to Ella by her parents as her parents had her powers nearly neutralized a long time ago and sealed them in a necklace.

Ella defeats the strange being, which she finds out was made out of antimatter, which was why neither of the two were able to take the machine apart. As she heads back in, she finds Amy smashing her stuff, of which she responds by kicking her out and destroying some of her tanks.

In a post credits scene, Amy heads back home to where the island is being reconstructed and walks by a picture of Ella's parents with a X on their faces. She grabs a marker to cross out young Ella's face, and then proceeds to murmer "Soon."

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