One of the five alternate costumes for the pair.


One of the five alternate costumes for the duo in Super Smash Bros. Bash.

Atlas & P-Body are the stars of the Co-op mode in Portal 2. They are also playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Bash if bought in the Third Party Pack 2 DLC with Geno for $3.00 in Nintendo Points. Their stage, Aperture Science Testing Chambers can also be bought for $1.00 in Nintendo Points


Atlas and p-body

Another one of their alternate costumes in Bash.

When Entering battle, P-Body will come out of an Orange Portal and Atlas will with a Blue Portal. P-Body will stand in the background of the stage and Atlas will fight. To switch between the two, press down Y. P-Body does Ranged attacks while Atlas works with Melee and Short Ranged moves.

P-Body Moveset:

B- Portal Pop: Fires a deadly portal at the player. Can be charged.

Side B- Gravity Grab: The Portal gun uses its gravity pull to bring the player to P-Body.

Down B- Long Leg Trip: P-Body's long legs trip the opponent on the ground for about 3 seconds.

Up B- Squat Jump: P-Body uses squats and boosts up into the air, hitting any opponent in her way.

Atlas Moveset:

B- Portal Pop: Same thing as P-Bodys move, only it fires a dark blue portal instead of a dark red portal.

Side B- Rapid Attack: Rapidly

Down B- Ball Curl Shock: Curls up in a ball and shocks for 1 second.

Up B- Shock Bounce: Jumps up in the air, shocking anyone in his way.

Final Smash: The Cake is a Lie!: A cake drops down and everyone on stage pauses. Atlas and P-Body flee the stage with portals. The Cake then explodes, doing high amounts of damage to any enemy on stage. Atlas and P-Body return to the stage.

Alternate Costumes

The duo have a total of five alternate costumes to choose from. Three of them are shown above.

Normal: Have their regular attire

Roll Cage: The duo have Roll Cages around their heads.

Flag: The duo Represent aperture science by wearing the flag on their backs with their traditional colors

Over Armor: The Duo wear over armor to protect them from science, and the other fighters.

Paint: (Not the best name) The pair wear their traditional colors, all over their body! P-Body is covered in Light Red Paint while Atlas is covered in Dark Blue Paint.