Athene (Goddess)
Full Name Athene
Gender Female
Class Lucero Goddess, Oceanian

Athene is a Lucero Goddess capable of shapeshifting and transformation who disguised as a small, Aqua Felix, and became Teardrop Seaside's protector and pet. Watching over him for his whole life, Athene is shown to be quite clever and wise, always trying to protect him from danger and raise him to be ready for his future. The revelation of her status as a goddess didn't happen until the moment in which the others gods attacked Sylphiu. Then, she fighted Keizitt, changing back into her Lucero shape, and trying to protect the whole world. During this time, she sacrificed herself, trying to destroy the Nucleus. After being deceased, her legacy continues, being an inspiration and legend to Atlantica, with Athene becoming a popular name.