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Full Name Athena Hawkins
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Location Silent Valley
Current Status Alive
Class None
Family and Relations
Helena Harper (girlfriend)

Athena Hetfield Hawkins, referred to as just Lady Athena in regards to the Exalios multiverse she created, is a demoness resting in the Zaxinian Lifts' remote location entitled Silent Valley, based solely on the user of the same name. Her main duties include watching over Exalios and the Zaxinian Lifts, though she tends to be something of a slacker and dedicates all her time to her girlfriend Helena Harper. In spite of a troubled self-image and lack of respect in regards to herself, she always tries her hardest to see the best in herself and in others and the world around her, and tries to make everyone as happy as she can possibly make them. Athena rarely communicates with others outside of Silent Valley, but does play a role in Through the Never and has contacts with multiple characters. Due to being a self-insert character, Athena plays a very minor role within the Zaxinian Lifts' lore and exists merely for meta jokes and to provide a safe zone during the wake of the Mallorian Monarch.


Athena holds a bipolar personality, often switching back and forth between moods of the extremes when even the smallest thing happens to her. You can either catch an incredibly positive Athena on her best days and a really depressing one on her worst days, and tends to have no true middle ground in regards to her personality. Something that always remains true of her, however, is that she's generally shy and highly anxious, and hesitates to do anything unless she's completely comfortable with it. Hawkins is challenged with a furious self-loathing issue that complicates her relationships with everything and everyone, and is a major obstacle that she's tried to get over during her whole life. However, if made happy, Athena tries to bless the joy giver with as much of her good spirit as she possibly can. Athena laughs and cries a lot, both in good ways and bad ways.

The most important thing to her, however, is that she keeps a level head, makes out the best in life, and reaches out for the stars. Athena is most happy when residing around her girlfriend.


  • Athena eats a lot, though it never causes her any issues and she has never been reported to be too overweight. That said she weighs quite a bit. She tends to get up and have snacks a lot, and can clean cupboards of foods like peanut butter and crackers without issue or regret.
  • Athena is incredibly fascinated by chivalry, the metal music scene, and mythology surrounding demons. She often makes use of these different elements in different ways when it boils down to her writing, and such references can often be very obvious and apparent in her works.
  • Athena plays an awful lot of video games and spends a lot more time on them than she really should, usually playing them on her computer rather than on a console or handheld. You can find her lying on her bed, sitting in her chair, or even leaning against a wall with a game system in her hand.
  • Even though Athena rarely watches films, she has a soft spot for B-rated shark horror films and takes pleasure out of watching especially bad content for the sake of some laughs. She is usually uninterested in watching films though unless there's something especially captivating about their premise or if they're heavily revolved around something she likes.
  • While Athena hardly resorts to violence out of the fear of getting beaten up or emotionally traumatized, she can occasionally like a good fight and they can prove to be very refreshing to her. She often fights to clear stress if anything; she usually doesn't have bones to pick with anyone.
  • Athena likes reading fiction, especially if its written by her friends. She will read any fiction regardless of what genre it happens to belong to, even if the writing will spook her or push her over the edge. She is willing to give almost any sort of material a try; she's experimental.
  • The mere thought of her own girlfriend excites Athena to an incredible degree.


Athena fears way too many things.  Here's a good sized list.

  • Colds / Fevers / Diseases: Athena is afraid of catching any of these, as it will bring her into a bad mood and prevent her from doing anything generally exciting. She is generally afraid of needles, too.
  • The Future: Athena cannot stare into the future without thinking about how she will grow and change, and personally, she doesn't want to change. She'll have to, however, because... change is important.
  • Losing Things: Athena is really afraid of losing the things that matter most to her, including her girlfriend and family. It pretty much forces her to try and play how she says her words safely, as if not to scare off her friends or lose her belongings.
  • The Government: Be it online or offline, Athena has a large fear of governments, administrators, and the like, and is generally uncomfortable around them unless she is one herself. She fears the large amount of power they hold at hand and how well they can abuse it.
  • Pain: Most forms of pain don't actually affect Athena very much as she normally takes small doses like a champ, but there are certain things that she can imagine happening to her (like a stab in the eye) that cause her to wince sharply.
  • Wanting to be Perfect: Athena strives to be as perfect as possible, and it makes her worry when she's made mistakes and she spends too much time worrying on how to fix them, even if they're tiny.  She especially wishes to look perfect to Helena.  Wanting to be perfect also ties into her maturity, as such, she tries to act more mature than she actually is.


Helena Harper

Athena values Helena as an excellent girlfriend, highly enjoying being around her and talking to her. She really, really deeply cares for Helena, and will go out of her way to make sure she's perfectly okay, and will scream in frustration if she is hurt in any way whatsoever. They are tied into a romantic relationship, something that she takes great pride in. She always feels off if she doesn't know if Helena is okay or not, tending to go psychologically insane for a while.

Megaxi G. Exal

Personally sees Megaxi as a close friend and shields him from the harsh realities of life when possible. Highly respects him for what he does and what he likes and very rarely has any issues with him. Though her eye isn't always focused on Exalios, she is proud of Megaxi for keeping in touch with her on its status and reporting important information when it's absolutely necessary.


Despite fully acknowledging that Zellen is a fairly messed-up individual, Athena Hawkins is the self-proclaimed biggest fan of Zellen and has seen her on multiple occasions. Zellen tends to be one of the most frequent visitors to Silent Valley, and tends to spare the lives of everyone that happens to be there. Or at least as far as Athena Hawkins herself is concerned, anyway. Zellen seems to take pride in the fact that Athena is a super-big fan of her.



  • Athena is heavily based on the creator, Athena Hawkins (tbc), although this is more outright obvious compared to other characters focused on Athena Hawkins, though still a bit out of proportion when compared to her. Most of the information in this article is factual; therefore it's a way of getting to know Athena better. Some parts are totally fictional though, obviously.
  • There exist three "incarnations" of Athena Hawkins: 2016 had her as a gang-like superstar, 2017 made her into a metal musician, and 2018 made her into a rebellious demon figure. The other photos in the article are either fan-art or alternate versions of Athena.
  • Athena Hawkins has a copy of Ike's Ragnell in her possession.  This may or may not be related to the fact that Ike is one of Athena Hawkins (tbc)' most-liked characters of all time.
    • She can't even lift the sword!
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