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Full Name Athena Hawkins
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class None
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Smoke Gun
Athena Hetfield Hawkins is a goddess that inhabits planet Earth, most obviously based on her creator (tbc).  She is the creator of the Zaxinian Lifts and its characters, and is capable of adding new timelines and stuff like that to the Lifts. While a very anxious person with a troubled past, she is relatively harmless and tends to make friends with most people.


Athena Hawkins is a black haired woman with a large ponytail sticking from behind her head. She has olive green eyes and a scar below her chest, and has a pair of white wings extending from her back, and a yellow halo floating over her head. Athena usually wears a torn up black coat and short blue jeans.  Athena also has a small tail resembling a scorpion's extending from the bottom of her back.


Athena Hawkins is actually rather shy and comes of as highly anxious, and hesitates to do many things, always intimidated my the past and present time, and nervous with the future. She is genuinely kind, but will get annoyed when people pester her enough. People don't really hang with her much considering they think that she's "insane" and "way too strange". Her anxiety is quite at large, although she doesn't let this hamper her ability to make good friends with others when possible.


Athena Hawkins is an angel, and is very good at flying, but doesn't really have much else special about her -- besides her ability to edit the Zaxinian Lifts, and those affiliated with her magic in the Fantendoverse. She can add properties, but she cannot remove anything, as she deleted that ability as soon as it was gained so that she wouldn't be able to make paradoxes.. She is extremely good with arm wrestling and playing video games. A special gun is wedged in her throat, which can be easily taken out to shoot either blanks or real bullets.


Helena Harper

Athena values Helena as a very high friend, highly enjoying being around her and talking to her.  She really, really deeply cares for Helena, and will go out of her way to make sure she's perfectly okay, and will scream in frustration if she is hurt whatsoever.  They are tied into a romantic relationship, something that she takes great pride in.

Indigo Wiper Hampshire


  • Athena eats a lot.  Not enough to have weight problems but it's far from uncommon to see her eating something or at the very least drinking water.
  • Athena likes reading on chivalry and similar times, greatly fascinated by knights, kings, and the like.
  • Athena plays an awful lot of video games and spends a lot more time on them than she really should.  You can find her lying on her bed, sitting in her chair, or even leaning against the wall with a game in her hand.
  • While Athena hardly resorts to violence, she likes fighting.
  • Athena likes reading online fictions, especially from her friends.  She doesn't care the genre, it can be horror or sexual, and she'll usually read it.
  • Literally anything about Helena or her other closest friends.


Athena fears way too many things.  Here's a good sized list.

  • Colds / Fevers / Diseases: Athena is afraid of catching any of these, as it will bring her into a bad mood and prevent her from doing anything generally exciting.
  • The Future: Athena cannot stare into the future without thinking about how she will grow and change, and personally, she doesn't want to.
  • Exams: Athena still goes to school, and greatly fears any exam, as she fears that she will always fail them, although turns out to be wrong somewhat often.
  • Herself: Athena really fears herself and her powers, and her general mind, and how it overwhelms her to know that she has such a powerful mind at hand.  She fears that she'll get manipulated and use her intelligence for the worse.
  • Losing Things: Athena is really afraid of losing the things that matter most to her, including her girlfriend and family.  It pretty much forces her to try and play how she says her words safely, as if not to scare off her friends or lose her belongings.
  • The Government: Be it in real life or online, Athena has a large fear of governments, administrators, and the like, and is generally uncomfortable around them unless she is one herself.  She fears the large amount of power they hold at hand and how well they can abuse it.
  • Pain: Most forms of pain don't actually affect Athena very much as she normally takes small doses like a champ, but there are certain things that she can imagine happening to her (like a stab in the eye) that cause her to wince sharply.
  • Wanting to be Perfect: Athena strives to be as perfect as possible, and it makes her worry when she's made mistakes and she spends too much time worrying on how to fix them, even if they're tiny.  She especially wishes to look perfect to Helena.  Wanting to be perfect also ties into her maturity, as such, she tries to act more mature than she actually is.



  • Athena is heavily based on the creator, .snickedge (tbc), although is more outright than other characters focused on .snickedge, though still a bit out of proportion when compared to her.
  • Athena Hawkins has a copy of Ike's Ragnell in her possession.  This may or may not be related to the fact that Ike is one of .snickedge (tbc)'s "love interests".
    • She can't even lift the sword!
  • Athena is autistic -- just like her real-life self. Some cool person added the category to the page because I didn't remember to do it myself. Oops!

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