Athamia was a city and kingdom established in Skærsilden, which was destroyed when The Enemy cursed every citizen.


A group of Humans who The Enemy one day spontaneously decided to bring into Skærsilden formed a settlement in order to survive. The Enemy humored them and allowed the settlement to grow, eventually becoming the kingdom of Athamia.

Once the population had grown large enough, however, The Enemy decided he wanted to see the city collapse. Rather than simply destroy it, however, he cursed each of the citizens with curses which would cause the collapse of the society from inside: King Baugon, Athamia's ruler, became completely obedient to all commands, and his corrupt advisor Bartholomew who became completely physically intangible gained complete control over the kingdom by issuing telepathic commands to him. Numerous respectable citizens turned to crime due to their curses, such as The Rat King.

The King managed to use an escape route to leave the city, but The Enemy easily found them and either killed them, forced them to return to the city, or sent them to another place where they would be more tortured (such as Bonehead, who was incapable of dying, being sent into the middle of space in the Fantendoverse, or the Rat King being sent to Malhiana, the location of the mines for all of the precious metals in the Darktendoverse).

Numerous attempts have been made to restore the city from its dystopic condition but as of yet none have succeeded.


  • King Baugon: Obedience (always obeys any command given to him)
  • Bartholomew: Invisibility, intangibility and telepathy (cannot physically interact with the world, only speak to others via telepathy)
  • Bonehead: Immortality (incapable of dying, regardless of damage his body takes)
  • The Rat King: Greed (compulsively does whatever he can to obtain anything he considers as having the slightest value)

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