Athome disc logo
Developer(s) RECHSOFT
Manufacturer(s) RECHSOFT
Product Family AtHome
Generation 4th Generation
Release Date(s)
Europe: September 17th, 1994

North America & ROK: January 21st, 1995 Japan: September 18th, 1995

Discontinued Worldwide: February 20th, 2001
Units sold 1.4 million
Best selling game FR-33, 1.4 million units
Media Compact Disc
Backward Compatibility AtHome
Predecessor AtHome
Successor Guild
The AtHome Disc (Known as the LegenDisc in NTSC and ROK regions) is a game console created by RECHSOFT. Codenamed, "Two-For-One," the console allows support with AtHome games with a pack-in "Cartridge Adapter (CA)." The console came with FR-33 along with two Remote Controllers.

The AtHome Disc's controllers are the exact same as the original AtHome's, and controllers purchased during the first one's lifespan could be used with the second one to play most games. However, 3D games require a SpinLock Controller to move the character around in 3D segments.

Background Information


The console had an SDK that was much more available to developers, along with a much more extended colour palette for sprites. The game has a 32-bit mode, which is used for games which contains 3D graphics, but slowed down the console considerably while in use.

The game has superior abilities to it's other 16-bit competitors, with 75 MB of data for the soundtrack. The console was ahead of it's time by having Broadband internet compatability. However, the compatability was often overlooked, no thanks in part to the fact that the adapter was (and still is) incredibly expensive, and that it wasn't supported by any 1st-Party titles, the Dreamcast is often credited as the first console to have internet compatibility.

The console allows up to 8 players to play at once. However, games often have limits on how many players could be used in the game, so only a quarter of the system's library has games playable by 8 players. The AtHome Disc would hold the award for, "Most Players Playable in a Video Game at Once," until 2014, when Super Smash Bros. 4 came out on Wii U.

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