The AtHome is a Third Generation video game console developed and published by RECHSOFT on May 6th, 1990. It had three "channels", two of which could only be used when cartridges for them were inserted, and one of which was the game inserted. Unlike most other Third Generation consoles, the console was 10-bit, and allowed 8 colours on a sprite instead of the .

The AtHome's controller, which resembles a television remote.


The controller resembles a television remote, with a Pause button, Button 1, which is the AtHome's B Button, and Button 2, which is the AtHome's A Button. The console also includes a Power Button, which shuts off or turns on the system.



The console resembles the NES, but slightly more flat.

First-Party Games

  • Spikeyfruit - May 6, 1990. Launch Title.
  • Spikeyfruit 2 - November 27, 1991.
  • Avatar Cartridge - May 6, 1990. Launch Title.
  • Cartridge Cleaner Cartridge - May 6, 1990. Launch Title.

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