Lumoshi by Doh Windless
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Lumalee (recolor)
Asterix (recolor)
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Luma
Location Comet Observatory
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Rock
Ability/ies Use of rock-related powers
Vulnerable To Wind
First Appearance Starship Crew
Latest Appearance Starship Crew
Asterix is a female Luma in Starship Crew who is able to utilize powers of rock, hence her name. She is one of the four main characters in the aforementioned game.



Asterix is a light green Luma.


Asterix is usually the voice of reason for the group, providing common sense when Lumoshi and Lumalee lack it. She is pretty smart and can help the group with this.


She has powers related to rock. She can magically manipulate it using the powers that she gets.


It's been rumored that Lumoshi has a crush on her, but nothing has been confirmed at the moment.




  • The name was suggested by Nova (tbc).

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