This is a list of Assist Trophy characters found in the game Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U. Do not edit this page.

Starter Trophies

Picture Name Universe Description

Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Friends

When activated, Minnie instantly tracks down an opponent at random and rapidly pelts them with tennis balls. After a few seconds of doing this, Minnie winks to the screen and disappears.


Chip and Dale

Rescue Rangers

When activated, Chip quickly takes out a whip and lashes it outward, while Dale idly prances. If an opponent gets snatched up by the whip, it will bind them for a few seconds, causing damage until Chip and Dale disappear off of the stage.


Fethry Duck/Red Bat

Disney Comics

When activated, Fethry Duck transforms into his superheroic alter ego, the Red Bat. Fethry then goes around the stage, quickly bashing his opponents using his fists. After a short period of time, Fethry returns back to normal and disappears.


Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

Looney Tunes

When activated, the Road Runner quickly runs across the stage while Wile E. Coyote appears on a random ledge with a large boulder beside him. Wile then pushes the boulder off of the stage, in hopes of crushing the Road Runner. However, Wile misses his target and instead traps himself, along with any unlucky opponent beneath the rock.  Afterward, the duo and the boulder disappear.


Marvin the Martian

Looney Tunes

When activated, Marvin the Martian lands his rocket ship on the stage and immediately starts shooting laser beams at his opponents with a laser gun. After a few seconds of doing this, Marvin, along with his ship, disappears.


Yosemite Sam

Looney Tunes

When activated, Yosemite Sam takes out multiple sticks of dynamite and tosses them across the stage. Anyone hit will take moderate damage from the attacks. Afterward, Yosemite takes out two revolvers, twirls them around, smiles, and then suddenly disappears.




When activated, Wimpy will begin to toss out random food items upon the stage until he gets to a hamburger, in which he keeps for himself. After all of the food items are out on the stage, Wimpy disappears.




When activated, Squidward takes out his clarinet and begins to play it off-key. The jarring musical notes that emit from the clarinet will affect opponents if they encounter them. After Squidward finishes his clarinet solo, he disappears.


The Flying Dutchman


When activated, The Flying Dutchman immediately begins to shoot powerful, green laser beams from his fingertips directly at opponents. After a few seconds of doing this, he laughs and disappears.


Fuzzy Lumpkins

The Powerpuff Girls

When activated, Fuzzy Lumpkins will exclaim to his opponents to get off of his property and immediately begins to shoot puffs of smoke at them with his boomstick. Afterward, Fuzzy crazily yells to the sky and disappears suddenly.


Spike (MLP)

My Little Pony

When activated, Spike will roam around the stage, burping and shooting blasts of green flames directly at his opponents. After a few seconds of doing this, Spike clutches his stomach and disappears.


Princess Celestia

My Little Pony

When activated, Princess Celestia will slowly drop down from the sky until she elegantly reaches the floor of the stage. Royal guards will then appear, trampling and ramming into opponents. Afterward, the guards, along with the princess herself, disappear.



The Simpsons

When activated, Duffman begins to dance on the stage as music begins to play. Opponents suddenly begin to use their taunts, giving the summoner a chance to beat up on them while they are "dancing" out of control. After a few seconds of doing this, the music will die down, the characters will stop performing their taunts, and Duffman will disappear.


Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm

The Flintstones

When activated, Pebbles climbs onto Bamm-Bamm's back, as the latter uses his club to bash opponents with. Occassionally, he will pick them up and will swing them across the arena. After doing this, both Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm disappear.



Winnie the Pooh

When activated, Eeyore gloomily roams around the stage, occasionally headbutting any opponents near him. Afterward, Eeyore's tail falls off, and as he picks it up, he disappears.


Spike (T&J)

Tom and Jerry

When activated, Spike picks up a dog bone and tosses it across the arena. It acts like a boomerang, and anyone who gets caught within it receives damage from the attack. After doing this a few times, Spike yawns and begins to doze off on the arena. He then disappears suddenly.

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