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Assassin Shell

Assassin Shell
Assasain Shell
Full Name Assassin Shell
Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Location  ?
Current Status Alive
Class Assassin, Villain
Main Weapon(s) Revolver, Knife.

Assassin Shell is a captain of the Nega Koopa Troop and also the leader of Bowser's elites. He is a Koopa Troopa with a black mask, black shell and black boots. As his name implies, he is an assassin. He always carries his revolver and knife with him.


Assassin Shell first appeared in Ultimate Koopa Agency. He was supposed to guard the entrance to the castle, but he wanted to kill the three heroes.


Assassin Shell is a cold-hearted Koopa. He cares nothing for other people and will only fight for what he thinks is right. He never shows any emotions except for anger and hate. He hates Cosmic.

Powers & Abilities

Assassin Shell doesn't have an special powers. However, he is very fast and agile and can jump and flip very well. But his strength lies in his weapons. He can wield his knife and revolver very well. Bowser and NintendoZero sometimes call him "The Ultimate Weapon".