Hello and welcome to my new series known as Ask the Koopa Troop.

Today we are interveiwing Lemmy Koopa !

Lemmy Koopa and ball

Lemmy Koopa

Me:I kmow it pains you to be away from Iggy, Lemmy,but I need

you to answer my questions.

Lemmy:I was just play crying LOL.


Lemmy:I'm wondering where Iggy is.Can you tell me?

Me:He's in the audience. Now Lemmy,Who is your favorite koopaling?


Me:Who is your least favorite koopal-

Lemmy:I know what your gonna ask me so I'll save you some time.

The answers are Tim and Ludwig.

Me:I can see why you dislike Ludwig Von Koopa so much, but why do you dislike Tim?

Lemmy:He "Borrowed" my circus and ended up destroying it!

Me:That's very interesting. We're out of time.Lemmy, you may leave.


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