Ashura the Hedgehog X is a remake of the first three Ashura games. Here are the plots.


Ashura the Hedgehog

The game begins on the peaceful forest planet of Arus. Lush greenery is everywhere on this planet and in the distance, some houses can be seen. A middle-age purple female hedgehog, Janella, looks out of the house at the trees and plants outside. Meanwhile, a large spaceship is landing and the doors slide open. Out walks a massive shadowy figure, who is the Evil Master. He walks towards the small village where the houses are. Back in the village, a siren starts wailing loudly and members of the I.D.F.O.A (International Defense Force Of Arus) start telling the villagers to evacuate. Janella's baby son, Ashura is being placed in a small rocket capsule. An I.D.F.O.A officer presses a button on the capsule and it rockets out of the atmosphere as the villagers climb into their spaceships and take off as well.


Ashura is running through the jungles of Westside Island on the planet of Mobius and reaches Emerald Hill Zone. Looks like I have a challenge for myself, eh? Ashura says to himself while observing the loops, twists, turns and corkscrew paths. He suddenly bolts into the tropical paradise that is Emerald Hill Zone.

STAGE: Emerald Hill

After his run through Emerald Hill, Ashura stops and looks around. He suddenly hears footsteps. A blue hedgehog and his sidekick, an orange two-tailed fox come running through Emerald Hill. Ashura comes up to the blue hedgehog and challenges him to a rival fight. The blue hedgehog, named Sonic, agrees.

RIVAL: Sonic the Hedgehog

After the short fight, Sonic confrots Ashura, telling him to reveal his ambitions. Ashura explains that the Evil Master took over his home planet and Sonic explains to Ashura about Dr. Eggman's goal. They realise they are on the same side and they team up, but Ashura says he needs to go solo for now. Ashura heads towards the factory built by Eggman, Metropolis Zone, and prepares himself for a tough challenge...

STAGE: Metropolis


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