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The Ashura series is a series of video games developed by Blue Quill Gaming. They involve a green and black hedgehog named Ashura battling to save Mobius from the Evil Master and his clones. Sometimes, Nazo or Dr. Eggman appear as villains. There are nine games in the main series as of January 2013.


Main Series

Ashura the Hedgehog (1992, Genesis)

Ashura Returns (1994, Genesis)

Ashura 3 (2001, PS2 / GC)

Ashura 4 (2004, PS2 / GC / GBA)

Ashura V: I Am The Guardian (2006, PS2 / PS3 / GC / 360 / DS)

Ashura 6 (2008, PS3 / 360 / Wii)

Ashura: Jason Rising (2009, PS3 / 360 / Wii)

Ashura: The True Guardian (2011, DS)

Ashura 3D (2013, 3DS)

Coming Soon

Ashura: Return to Arus (2013, PS3 / 360 / Wii U)

Ashura the Hedgehog X (2014, PS4 / 720 / 3DS)

Ashura: The Final Battle (2015, PS4 / 720 / 3DS2)


Ashura the Hedgehog G 3 E A 6
Ashura Returns G 7 E A 6

Ashura 3

PG 7 E10 A


Ashura 4 PG 7 E10 A 12
Ashura V: I Am The Guardian PG 12 E10 B 12
Ashura 6 PG 12 E10 B 12
Ashura: Jason Rising PG 12 T B 12
Ashura: The True Guardian PG 12 E10 A 12
Ashura 3D PG 7 E10 A 12
Ashura: Return to Arus PG 7 E10 A 6


The Ashura series saw positive reviews over the series' 21 years in action. The lowest rating ever scored was 59%, while the highest rated ever scored was 100%.

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