"Sniff. Dad, I nevr though I'd see you again."

     Aslyn Being Reunited With Her Father

Ashlyn Black is a character from the fan game Hex Splice, and is the main protagonist as well as the daughter of Blue Hex Organization leader, Mark Black. Ashlyn was killed in a car accident along with her mother 8 year prior to the events of Hex Splice, but was brought back to life by her father using her DNA along with the DNA of a raven and wolf, making her a vampirelike creature.

Physical Appearance:

Ashlyn has short dark red hair with silver streaks and silver eyes, which were originally brown. She bears a ghost shaped birthmark on her right cheek, though it may be possibly a result of her rebirth. She usually wears a blue t-shirt with a pink skull on it, and blue jeans. Her shoes are a pair of black sneakers and she wears fingerless black gloves. Around her neck is a brass locket given to her by her mother. Being a human-wolf-raven hybrid, she has large black wings, fangs, and sharp claws.


Ashlyn is very brave and determined, but can be very stubborn. She cares deeply for her friend Arron Lynch, and her card monster, Howling Shadow, whom she shares her life force with. When Howling Shadow is hurt, she shares the same pain. Ashlyn sometimes is depressed due to the fact that her father was unable to bring her mother back to life.


Ashlyn can fly with her large raven wings and attack people with her claws. Ashlyn's Hex class is Hex Knight, so her weapon of choice is a sword that was passed down through thounsands of genarations, which can extend to large proportions. Sharing the same life force with Howling Shadow, she can communicate with her and share the same feelings.

Hex Card Monster:

Ashlyn's card monster is a raven-wolf hybrid called Howling Shadow, who shares the same life force with Ashlyn. Like Ashlyn, she is very brave and fights for the good of humanity. Howling Shadow can fly, shoot red energy balls, and produce blue flames from her mouth. Ashlyn and her rely on each other, because if one of them dies, so does the other.


  • Ashlyn is supposably a vampire, but she has wolf and raven genes, opposed to bat genes.
  • Her favorite feed is a cross between bird seed and deer carcass.

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