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Ashlyn MMC


The Eyeless Mage of Embrenze
Full Name Lady Ashlyn Sulluna
Current Age 17
Date of Birth October 12
Gender Female
Species Human
Location None
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Rapier
Element(s) Fire
Ability/ies Training with multiple weapons
Navigating using hearing
Vulnerable To Blindness
Loud Noises
Family and Relations
Calder (brother; deceased)
The Eyeless Wanderer

Ashlyn, also occasionally referred to as the "Eyeless Wanderer," is the primary protagonist of an unnamed game inspired by the Dark Souls series. She is a wandering blind woman hailing from the almost-extinct Sulluna clan.




As far as personality goes, Ashlyn is generally very dark and moody - an obvious result of her living in perpetual darkness and being surrounded by monsters that want to kill her all the time. She is a pessimist by nature, always assuming that the worst-case scenario is the most likely to happen, but also stubbornly aggressive enough that she rarely resigns herself to just letting said worst-case scenario happen. Her pride is a sore spot for her, and she despises the feeling of being wrong about something. Due to her experiences in the wildlife of Embrenze, Ashlyn is very slow to make friends. She is a naturally untrustworthy person, and automatically picks out the worst in people. She never takes anything at face value, which has occasionally saved her from deceptions but more often prevented her from obtaining valuable allies.

She is aggressively gluttonous when it comes to foods, and time in the wilderness has dulled her appetite to the point where she'll eat almost anything, regardless of how overcooked or undercooked it is. As such, she has an impressive resistance to food poisoning, and will sincerely compliment even the worst of chefs. Her hobbies include hunting and composing music on her bandolin.


Ashlyn's greatest strength is her sensory abilities. While blind, her hearing is second to none. She uses the footfalls of nearby beings to determine their locations relative to her, and uses the echoes of her own footfalls to get an idea of the terrain. She can also enter a mode of hyper-focus that she calls Unbound, which allows her to pick up even the smallest of auditory details. However, noises that would normally just be merely loud are also amplified drastically, and if she is in Unbound these noises will momentarily deafen her, leaving her truly blind to her surroundings.

To protect herself, Ashlyn generally carries an heirloom rapier and a shortbow, though she is experienced in other weapons as well. She can also use a moderate level of Fire magic by channeling her body's spirit energy. Of course, her weapons are not just simply useful for combat. She can also use them to help her navigate her surroundings, such as using the sounds of her arrows impacting the ground to sense distant enemies.







  • Ashlyn's name is a corruption of the name of Ashley, one of Monstermanchego (tbc)'s friends from middle school.
    • Ironically, the two are drastically different in terms of personality.
  • Ashlyn originally started off as a character in Nowhere in Particular.

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