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Ashlee Murphy
Full Name Ashlee Jessica Murphy
Date of Birth July 9th, 1998
Gender Female
Location Belfast, Ireland
Current Status Alive
Class Journey Team Member
First Appearance Fantendo - Journey

Ashlee Murphy is a heroine from the RTAverse who is part of the Journey team. A young woman who idolized Tayshaun and Amy, Ashlee headed through the portal to become a hero like them.

Ashlee is a main character of Fantendo - Journey. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Journey

Physical Appearance

Ashlee is a 17 year old white woman who is short and thin. She has long, light blue hair, blue-green eyes, and pale skin. She wears a sleek yellow jacket, black sweat pants, and dark blue combat boots.


Ashlee was born with powerful telekinesis with various uses such as psionic explosions, lifting objects with her mind, and controlling people's bodies. However, she hasn't trained with them, meaning that she can't always control them and they materialize in negative ways sometimes. She is naturally skilled at combat, but doesn't have much technique.

Ashlee is charming and good with people, being able to talk her away out of bad situations and convince people with her powers and her kind demeanor.


Ashlee is naive and clumsy, frequently tripping around and saying the wrong words. She also trusts people and sees the best in them, even if they don't deserve it.

She's also very peppy and always full of energy, being excited to do good and help people out, loving to act like a real hero. She radiates kindness and is good at keeping her friends and even strangers hopeful and energized in times of sadness and darkness.