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This character no longer appears in .snickedge's canon, and belongs to Exotoro. He is free to use, however.
Well, I assume that if we were to pass this area, we'll need the assistance of a powerful hacker...I'm better than Jake if you don't mind me saying so but he can jump to places like up there much better than I can. I have so much envy right now it's not even funny.
in The Realm of Dreams

Artwork for The Realm of Dreams
Current Age 13 (Born March 11)
Date of Birth Creamy Clouds
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Creamy Clouds Centre
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Mechanical devices
Element(s) Jump
Ability/ies Hacking, high jumping
Vulnerable To any attack to the head
First Appearance The Realm of Dreams
Dream Gang
Family and Relations
Aidan (brother)

Ethan (brother)

Elias (brother)

Arionna (cousin)

Voice Actor(s)
Asher Reid
 Asher is a thirteen year old teen introduced in The Realm of Dreams. An inventor and future scientist, he builds many inventions and devices.







Asher is a half cyborg, being mechanical mostly inside, with some mechanical bits revealed on the outside. He wears a patch over his left eye, which is that of a robot's. He also has dark hair and often wears a black vest.


A loner best describes Asher. He often spends time alone or with a single friend, working on mechanical devices for use in the future. While he doesn't like most of everything, he tries his best to stay connected to everyone.


Asher is a slow character, but is really good with mechanical devices and can get to high places easily. With the ability to hack like Jake, Asher can find his way through most hacking areas without Jake (although Asher can't reach a lot of these areas and needs Jake anyway).



Asher and Aidan share an enormous sibling rivalry, fighting most of the time. Often it takes Ethan or Arionna to break the two apart, but sometimes more effort is needed.


The two make a great team, and are the best of friends. While they don't meet eye to eye most of the time, they like to go on adventures together.


Asher and Elias don't really know each other well, but are on good terms. Asher is often the subject of Elias' jokes, however, which makes the former somewhat mad.


They're on bad terms, mostly. Asher often plots most of his schemes against Samantha for the reason of getting someone to save her so that he can create awkward moments. He has no real goal, though.


The two are on neutral terms.


Asher and Ben are really friendly towards each other, and like to talk to each other a lot. They often speak of mechanics and how great they are.


The two are really big friends. They often create schemes together, often resulting in disaster of destruction of something. Of course, the schemes are not meant to be evil, they're simply pranks.


The two hate each others' guts.


The two seldom know each other, so the relationship is really small.



  • He is the fictional version of his creator, Asher.

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