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Dad, we'll make it through, like we always do. Friendship is said to always have an end, but with us, it's endless.

Ashe the Teddy Bear
Ashe ACL
Ashe as he appears in BowieQuest α
Current Age 8
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Western Forest
Current Status Alive
Teddy Bears
Family and Relations
Bowie (father)

Flare (mother)

Windi (sister)

Sabeuxo (uncle)

Oscargen (future son)

Vulnerable To Lightning
Voice Actor(s)
Charles Martinet
First Appearance BowieQuest
Ashe the Teddy Bear is the deutagonist of the BowieQuest series, and is one of the most important characters, alongside Bowie and Endal.  He's depicted in the series as the average brained son of Bowie.  His primary element is water.



Ashe doesn't have much of a backstory.  He was developed by Bowie and Flare when they wanted to have a child, and using magical blue yarn and threads, Ashe was created.

Early Years

Through Ashe's first and second years alive, Ashe was mischievous, squirting water at everything that moved.  He was very difficult to deal with, he refused to have an education and was a crybaby a lot of the time.  After he was saved from a steamroller by Bowie, he forgave him and began to obey his commands.


Ashe is a lazy bear, but he wants to be helpful when he possibly can be helpful.  As such, he made it his duty to make sure that the Western Forest boundaries aren't invaded too often.


Game Appearances



Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Ashe is a default character in this game, specializing in defense. While he uses water based attacks, most of his moves are based around his sword.

His home stage is Wild Rapids.


Ashe is depicted as a usually lazy, carefree bear.  He wants full freedom for all, and makes it his duty to guard the Western Forest boundaries carefully.  He is savage towards intruders and can whip up small hurricanes in intense battles.  Despite all this, most of the time he is usually a very happy guy.



The two are close friends and treat each other like brothers.  They do look at cultures differently, however.


The two get along fairly well for mother/son, but sometimes the two get into fights as silly as whoever gets to not wash the wishes.


For brother and sister, the two do well together.  They like to gang up on outsiders and beat them up if they're true pests.


The two barely react, but help each other well in crisises.


According to Oscargen, Ashe will become evil at some point in the future. Despite this, at present time the two are great friends.


They fight very well against each other, and fight savagely.  While Endal considers Bowie as more of a threat, he always marks Ashe as a foe as well.