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Ash Ketchum's Pokemon Journey is a game coming out for Nintendo DS in 2012.


You're Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet. you're finally 10 years old and can get your Pokemon License. you sleep too late and find out all the starters are gone. Thankfully, Professor Oak has one Pokemon left named Pikachu. it's an electric type with a shocking personality. Pikachu doesn't listen to you at first, but after a while, you become great friends. along the way, you meet a tomboyish gym leader named Misty. soon after, you fight a Rock type gym leader named Brock. then he joins you. Ash Travels Through Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova and meets many new and old friends! even enemies!

Playable Characters

Ash Ketchum(at the start)

Misty(after you jump into the waterfall)

Brock(after you fight him in Pewter City)

Jessie and James(in certain parts of the game)

Tracey(after traveling to Orange Islands and see the people beating up Lapras)

May(after you travel to hoenn you unlock May's POV)

Max(after you get to petalburg city)

Dawn(after you get on the boat to sinnoh you unlock Dawn's POV)

Iris(after you meet up with her)

Cilan(after you fight him in Striaton city)


The Graphics are like Pokemon Black & White's Graphics. you can even walk with your pokemon like in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. You cannot trade pokemon in this game nor can you do online battles. You are required to catch certain pokemon. the same pokemon Ash catches in the anime. but don't worry. they'll become stronger when you battle with them. And something new in this game is that while you're walking in your journey, your traveling partners will follow you everywhere you go. when you run into a battle, it will ask you what trainer you want to fight with. for example, if you ran into a battle, it would say "SELECT BATTLER: Ash Misty Brock" and you just select one and they all have different sets of Pokemon. it's like you're playing all the Pokemon adventures in one. (RBY, GSC, RSE, DPPT, BW) Also, when you've completed a region, you'll get your pokedex replaced with the one for the region your going to except for Orange Islands. This Pokedex has text. So when you see a pokemon, you can scan it and it'll give a description of what the pokemon is. The Title screen is similar to the HGSS title screen. it has Ash, With Pikachu on his shoulder, Misty, and Brock all running.


Story Mode: The Main Game.

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