Asgore Slain
The king under the mountain
Full Name Asgore Dreemurr
Current Age Thousands of years old
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Location New Home
Current Status Alive
Class King
Family and Relations
Toriel (wife)
Main Weapon(s) Trident
Ability/ies Eternal life
King Fluffybuns
First Appearance Undertale
Latest Appearance Mario: Dance Floor Paranoia
Asgore Dreemurr is the king of all Monsters. In the game Undertale, he lives in a castle in the city of New Home, located near the barrier which kept Monsters trapped in the underground.


Asgore acts kind and benevolent towards his people. He often wanders around the Underground and says hello to Monsters. Asgore is determined to break the barrier that keeps his people separated from the Humans, and as such has amassed a collection of six human souls necessary to complete this task. The seventh soul belongs to Frisk, who the player controls.

Upon meeting Frisk, Asgore is very gentle and welcoming, but tries to get Frisk to understand the weight of the situation. When the battle begins, it is clear that Asgore was and still is a merciless warrior when the well-being of his people is on the line. However, his wife Toriel thinks of him as a coward, and as such abandoned him to go live in the Ruins.


Asgore is a playable character in Mario: Dance Floor Paranoia. Asgore is not seen during the game's Campaign mode, instead being a secret unlockable character that is only able to be selected in Multiplayer. To unlock Asgore, the player must have played 50 multiplayer matches. After this, Asgore must be defeated in a breakdancing contest. If this is won, Asgore is unlocked. His victory theme is a shortened version of "Bergentruckung" from Undertale.

Super Mario - Time's at Stake!

Asgore appears as the World Boss of the Underground World. His stats are the same as in UNDERTALE, but instead of having a SOUL box to harm the player, he has new attacks to defeat Mario and Luigi. He still doesn't wish to kill them, but knows he has to. Note: This is the time where the Yellow Soul has not yet fallen into the Underground, so Asgore needs two souls in order to leave the Underground. While Sans and Papyrus are alive right now, Undyne is not born yet, but Alphys is.