Ascent of Condor Mountain
Ascent of Condor Mountain Title
The Game's Title
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) WiiU, 3DS
Single-Player, 2-4 Player
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Adventure
 Ascent of Condor Mountain is an upcoming Crossover between the Shovel Knight Series and Ice Climbers Series. These two series never had any proper lapse in game releases aside from re-releases of Ice Climbers on eShop, etc. The game takes aspects of both series and combines them into one. The player controls Popo Knight & Nana Knight, two Mountaineering Knights who are on a quest to reclaim the Greathammer of Condor Mountain, The Matahorn. On their quest they will encounter re-stylized versions of enemies from Ice Climbers as well as have to face off against the Guardians of Condor Mountain.


During regular levels the game functions almost identically to Ice Climbers, the player and enemy sizes vary and the design of platforms also is more unique between levels. The player's main goal is to ascend that section of the mountain to reach a Resting Point at its peak. Along the way the player will also encounter the Guardians of Condor Mountain, fierce Warriors who protect the Matahorn with their life. When the player faces off against these bosses they will need to defeat the boss in a small stage or scrolling stage by jumping on the boss's head. At the same time the Boss will be attacking the player will various attacks or defending themselves from the player attacking them.


In the game, the levels are named so the player can distinguish between each one, some levels are secret levels, unlocked by fulfilling special requirements in other levels, in the game there are 40 regular levels, 7 Boss Levels & 10 Special Levels.

Regular Levels

  1. The Grassy Beginnings
  2. Raven Plains
  3. Enter the Woods
  4. Haunted Grove
  5. Escape the Trees
  6. First Snow
  7. The Wild Cave
  8. Ravaged Path
  9. Down the Rabbit's Hole
  10. Underground Tundra
  11. Iceberg
  12. Grounded Hills
  13. Rocky Outcrop
  14. Arena of Stone
  15. Mountain Goat Passage
  16. Lustrous Cavern
  17. Sapphire Mines
  18. Ruby Geode
  19. Spiralling Chasm
  20. Diamond Pit
  21. Chilly Ascent
  22. Cyclonic Winds
  23. Howl of the Mountain
  24. The Snowflake Castle
  25. Melting Tunnel
  26. Spring Cove
  27. Rusting Bridge
  28. Bone Dry Peak
  29. Mammoth's Climb
  30. Marrow Fort
  31. Frozen Lake
  32. Moaning Cliffs
  33. Shifting Storms
  34. Ice Spike Crasher
  35. Iron Smelter
  36. Broken Plateau
  37. Grinding Tower
  38. Frozen Floors
  39. Stormy Staircase
  40. Matahorn's Trial

Boss Levels

  1. Enter the Condor
  2. In the Heart of the Den
  3. King of the Cliffs
  4. Emerald King
  5. The Icy Guardian
  6. The Forgotten Lich
  7. An Old Foe
  8. Return of the Beast

Special Levels

  1. Golden Passage
  2. Hopping Descent
  3. Avalanche Escape
  4. Volcanic Surprise
  5. The Hall of Ice
  6. Mountain Graveyard
  7. White Wolf Peak
  8. The Sacred Passage


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