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Ascend Logo
Developer(s) N Studios Icon
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) OmniaLogo
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Release Date(s)
Spring 2014
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Ascendsquare N Store Download
Ascend is a top-down action-adventure game by N Studios for the Omnia. Much like the studios' other game, Painterly, takes inspiration from 3D platformers, Ascend's gameplay is similar to The Legend Of Zelda.



Ascend is played similarly to the top-down entries in the Legend of Zelda series. As Timair, the player will go around the varied areas of Sozo to collect four items that he will need to go through the Marble Temple to get the Singflute. Each item is contained in a dungeon, a place full of monsters and puzzles. A boss guards each item about halfway through its respective dungeon. The item must then be used to escape.

In the Marble Temple, Timair will acquire the Singflute, a mysterious, magical instrument. Then, he must re-enter those four previous dungeons and use the Singflute in tandem with all the acquired items to learn Singflute songs and get the first four Spire Keys, item upgrades, and sword upgrades. Once at least the keys are collected, Timair will be able to enter the Powder Tops and find the final key.

Singflute Songs

Whisper Dunes
Whisper Singflute
Lake Allmos
Allmos Singflute
Powder Tops
Sorrow Song


Windover Hills
Once a peaceful place of green grass swaying in the gentle breeze, the Windover Hills are now overrun with grunts from Juliea's monster army. Hidden within the hills is an ancient wooden structure built around a giant tree. There, the Relic Bow is kept.

Dungeon: Hidden Treehouse
Whisper Dunes
Messages of travelers and warriors long since past are said to carry on the warm winds of the Whisper Dunes. The Solbelisk, a tall, pyramid-topped monument to a deity of the sun, contains the Flame Staff.

Dungeon: Solbelisk
Lake Allmos
To the south, the ice from the Powder Tops melts into the rivers and waterfalls that flow into Lake Allmos, a natural pool of crystal-clear water. On the lakebed, the Palace of Whirlpools lies, an ancient structure that uses the flow of water that run complex mechanisms to make Steam Bombs.

Dungeon: Palace of Whirlpools
Fire rules the charred rock of Magmaria, well, what's left of it anyway. The area is at constant threat from the melting force of volcanic magma, and, within the deadly lava streams, lies a relic of when the rocklands were much calmer, an earthy temple built to keep the Icicle Wand hidden, to be used only to save the land from complete destruction by the lava.

Dungeon: Volcano Hall
Powder Tops
In the northern sections of Sozo, a temperate climate washes over a giant temple. This palace was once the home of an entire civilization that lived solely inside, but has since fallen to the new monster inhabitants. That civilization hid the Singflute within the deepest of the marble halls, only accessible with the four items within the other dungeons.

Dungeon: Marble Temple
Singsorrow Spire
The center of Sozo itself, the Singsorrow Spire is a grand mountain rising above everything around it. Long ago, the people built a tower around it, and it became the holy center for containing the mysterious Sorrow Song, the holder of the legendary power. When the song is played on the Singflute, the power is transferred into the closest human.

Dungeon: Holy Tower



Timair Timair
Timair is a shy young man who would normally have no business with such a grand adventure the likes of which he is thrown into. However, he cannot stand idly by as his best friend, Juliea, tears his world apart in pursuit of some hidden power. He must save her, and the land of Sozo!
Desipte being a teenage girl, Juliea is a sorceress prodigy, and displays a massive amount of power, surpassing those who once tought her. Now, she is after the legendary power in the Singsorrow Spire, and has sent monsters of her creation across Sozo in search of the items that allow access to the Singflute.


The Ascend Soundtrack was composed by Dk64rules (tbc). It is largely orchestral and each track focuses on carrying the mood of its situation, as the story is very theme-heavy.


Main Theme arrangement


Peaceful Flyover
Start Screen and File Select
Peaceful Flyover
So the Story Goes
Sozo Fields
Sozo Fields
Look For Bonuses in the Trees
Hidden Treehouse
Hidden Treehouse
Tests of Strength
Boss Battle
Sitars and Shakers
Water You Waiting For
Palace of Whirlpools
Palace of Whirlpools
Bagpipe Heat
Volcano Hall
Volcano Hall
Marble Temple
Marble Temple
Trembling Violin
Juliea's Theme, arranged
Juliea's Theme
Juliea Battle
Sozo Fields 2
Hymn of the Ancients
Holy Tower
Singsorrow Spire
The Power
Final Battle
The Power
Secret Dungeon Theme


  • The original name for this game was Ascend: A Tale of Going Up. It was changed to simplify the title.
  • The themes played in the 6 main dungeons all include the Sorrow Song in some form.
  • There are 6 main dungeons, all the names of the main characters and bosses have 6 letters, and Ascend also contains 6 letters.
  • Ascend was revamped in July 2014, including a redone story and new artwork.

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