Artifact Corps is a Graphic Novels series produced by a Simple Studios subsidary known as Simple Corps. It follows a team of seemingly randomly selected people who have all obtained some form of mystical artifact that they use to track down others and contain.


Johnny Guitar  Johnny was a normal procastinating 20 year old who wanted to become a power metal guitarist. Upon one of his many trips to the nearby junkyard he happened upon a seemingly broken guitar pick. Thinking it would look cool with a shaped piece of glass in the middle he picked it up and accidentally linked his souls to magical entities who claim to be the Lords of Metal. Using his electric guitar and this pick he can use sick riffs to create attacks and even summon the Lords of Metal.
Blake Von Wesley Blake Wesley(who inserted the Von into his name because it sounded cool) was a code monkey for Ubisoft until accidentally entering a crossfire between the FBI and criminals who'd stolen a prototype weapon. Blake ended up in possesion of the weapon during the tussle and used it to strike down the criminals with the intent to hand it to the FBI and get back to work. He ended up working for the FBI with the weapon. This weapon in question was essentially a wiimote lightsaber. Blake is none too pleased about how his life has developed but it beats working at Ubisoft, I guess.
Faust Blicer Faust lost his arm in a train crash several years ago. Which makes it all the more convienient that when a meteor crashed down near his campsite it contained a robot that could morph into an arm. The robot, known as Atlas, psychically bonded with Faust and the two now fight as a team.


After a number of mystical items began appearing around the world the U.S. Goverment began to investigate and recruit their wielders in order to protect the world from people who use them for evil. These artifacts seem to have no theme or connection.

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