Artie Head
Artie's head's appearance.
Full Name Arthur Steek
Current Age 26
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Villain/Ally (end)
Main Weapon(s) Drawn Enemies
Vulnerable To Police Officers
Latest Appearance Doodlemen RPG

Artie Steek (or Arthur Steek) is a the true villain in Doodlemen RPG. He enjoys creating things like enemies and villains, but changed his ways when as kid, Artie's work was rejected. He then collected tons of other's work and passed them off as his own. This is what he did with Dudle and Dudlette, only they were the only things he ripped off. Artie's work is soon recognized by Drew, Dudle and Dudlette's creator, who lets Artie work with him at the end of the game, instead of sending him to jail.


  • Since Artie is French, his name, Artie Steek is supposed to sound like artistic, and that is the way Artie pronounces it.
  • Artie's name was going to be spelled Art E. Stikk, but was changed so that his first name wasn't Art.
  • Artie's working design looked a lot like Waluigi, but the creator changed it so he was more original.