Article Mashup Machine/YoshiEgg & Bloop: Neverworld
Developer(s) Bomb Productions
Publisher(s) Purpleverse Inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii, WIII
Release Date(s)

Japan: TBA Europe: TBA

3rd Person Shooter/Platformer
Age Rating(s)
US: T for Teen
Genre(s) RPG, 3D Platformer
Media Included Nintendo Wii disc, WIII disc

YoshiEgg & Bloop: Neverworld (Also known as YoshiEgg & Bloop: Neverworld The First) is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It was originally going to be merged with YoshiEgg & Bloop: Neverworld II and called simply "Neverworld", however, the game was so large that it had to be divided up. Like it's predecessors, it uses the WiiAchieve feature and is also a Wii exclusive. Unlike the games before it, it is compatible with the Wii Zapper as well as the WiiMote and Nunchuck. Not much is known about it yet, other than that the storyline revolves around YoshiEgg and Bloop being granted incredible power by "The Neverworlder". They must then defeat a new threat- the Overman Supreme.

Playable Characters

YoshiEgg Nook's Faction

Mario's Faction

  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Ganondorf
  • Bleck
  • Toad
  • Shy Guy

The Chess Crew


When The Neverworlder grants each hero/villain powers, they undergo a unique transformation.

  • YoshiEgg- grows huge and grows wings, plus fire breath
  • Bloop- gains the ability to generate spikes of solid crystal.
  • The Groo- gains even more strength than he already has and becomes a genius.
  • Tulip Nook- is shrouded by dark energy and rendered nearly immortal
  • Clyde- becomes a gigantic dragon
  • M'Icho- gains the ability to teleport
  • Purple Koopa Bro.- is granted flight and an incredibly powerful Star Rod
  • Mario- wears steel armor and is granted immense control over fire.
  • Peach- is granted flight and an incredibly powerful Star Rod.
  • Ganondorf- is shrouded by dark energy and rendered nearly immortal.
  • Bleck- gains control over the void again.
  • Toad- gains immense physical strength and the ability to grow into a gigantic 8-bit version of himself.
  • Shy Guy- grows batlike wings and is equipped with two lasers.
  • Dimentio- transforms into Super Dimentio from the climax of Super Paper Mario.
  • Dedede- transforms into a demonlike creature after wishing "to be taken Seriously"
  • Merlon- his Light Prognosticus merges with the Dark Prognosticus, so he essentially has the Book of the Universe. This grants him immense Power
  • Meta Knight- A powerful sword
  • Kirby- Meta Knight armor and sword, making him Meta Knight II
  • Nastasia- upgrades her hypnotising powers, and gains bulletproof skin (as long as she wears her sunglasses)
  • Pikmin- become slaves of Dimentio against their will