Diper Dwty 2: mshruoom lol
The loggo.
Developer(s) Vinded Inc.
Publisher(s) File:Loggo.png
Platform(s) wii
Release Date(s)
File:205px-Flag of Japan.png January 7, 2009
File:295px-Flag of USA.png February 17, 2009
File:295px-Flag of Europe.png March 12, 2009
File:295px-Flag of Australia.png March 13, 2009
many Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Plat farmer
Media Included Wii Dizk

Diaper Duty 2: mushroom lol is the much anticipated MUSHROOM, and a reely sad gaem made by user: drygu . it will revolutionize fantendo and save te world fomr n00bys. The game was a MUSHROOM for the Nintendo Wii and released in Japan on January 7, 2009 and North America on February 17, 2009.


It is extrememely violent, and features blood, gore, death, and music that has a lot of bad words in it, it is rap. And grunge. Sunny is a girl who is bored with life, so she shoots her pet mushroom (which is poisonous and she dies, too). But then she must come back to life and save the world because it is ending. But it is hard to come back to life.


press the A button to make sunny explode and EVERYONE die


Playable Characters

Non Playable

  • mom - mommy with lots of peoplee
  • some dude - blows up and blood flies EVERYWHERE and EVERYBODY die.


Dondskey Kong Island

The first stage of the game and runny King is. Only when playable character Prince K. Rool is trying to take over the island by himself to gin admaration from his father, he kidnaps Baby Funky unaware that he may be the next star child. he stage boss is Prince K. Rool.

Diamond City

dr. end of world holds you hostage

but you explode

the end