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Artici Eronigo
New austin
Austin's Redesign by Aiva
Full Name Prince Austin Khan Koopa
Current Age 15
Date of Birth July 2001
Zodiac Sign Possibly Cancer
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Northern UK
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Niko (best friend), Matthew (master), Sugar (enemy).
Height 6'7 '' ft
Weight 240 lbs.
First Appearance A.S. Forte

Austin Khan Koopa is the 3rd youngest Aivaling. He is currently 15 and one of the only koopalings who can't spit fire, instead ice. He's in between Blake and Abel in age.


Old appearance

Austin looks similar to Galahad Koopa, except Austin is shorter, Austin has more hair, he has a yellow shell with purple rings, his hair and irises are lime, and his horns are taller. He appears yellower than the other koopalings.

New appearance

He is now larger than most koopalings. He is now buffer and thinner. He has an oddly shaped Mohawk. He wears red wristbands with lime spikes. He also appears to be wearing an eyepatch and scars on his head and body.

New appearence 2.0

Similar to his older design, he is quiet bulky in size. He now has 2 bangs in front of his mohawk. He now has blue eyes and wear wristbands like his first design. He wears a lime green vest and red tank top. He wears dark blue and lime jeans. He doesn't have an eye patch anymore. Facial hair on the bottom of his chin is shaved off. He also gained some weight.



Game appearances





  • Austin was originally going to be the 3rd oldest, but it got changed to the youngest.
  • Unlike most of the koopalings, Austin is British, more specifically, a British Boxer.

Names in other languages

  • Ukrainian: Остін (Ostin)
  • Chinese: 奥斯汀 (Àosītīng)
  • Russian: Остин (Ostin)
  • Greek: Ώστιν (Ó̱stin)
  • Japanese: オースティン (Ōsutin)
  • Korean: 오스틴 (Oseutin)


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