The carefree Nimbell
Full Name Arshallo
Gender Male
Species Nimbell
Location Cumoclo Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, Cloud Patroller
Cloud Patrol
First Appearance Cloud Patrol

Arshallo is the main protagonist of Cloud Patrol He is a young Nimbell who is part of the Cloud Patrol organization. He is known to loaf around and break rules such as bringing his pet rabbit, Skyle, to the agency. These acts are overshadowed by his many acts of heroism, such as defeating Aseneus, the ruler of the underworld.

Physical Appearance

Ashallow is a Nimbell consisting of puffy white clouds. His head is slightly spherical in shape, and has a puffy collar and a cloud on the top that may potray hair. Blue goggles are also worn above his blue eyes. Barely having any sholders, Arshallow's arms are blue and have the appearance of sleeves, with his hands always cloaked in beige gloves. Arshallo also has a biege backpack that has a brown inside and actully is impossibly big and roomlike on the inside, serving as Arshallo's home. He also wears beige sandals with blue straps.



Arshallo isn't known to control elements or utilize any weather (except in crossovers) but instead must use various items to preform abilities


Sandal Jump



Cloud Patrol

Labyrinth Arena



  • Arhsallo's name is unintentionally similar to the word marshmallow, which is fitting as both are white and fluffy.
    • His name was originally, Tear but his name was changed because it resembled too much of Teardrop Seaside's name.