"Go Scale Fist!"
                           Arron summoning Scale Fist

Arron Lynch is fan character for the stratgey game Hex Splice and is one of the main protagonists, alongside Ashlyn Black. He is the son of Katlyn Lynch, the lead scientist at Blue Hex. His Hex Card monster is Scale Fist, a gorilla aligator hybrid.

Physical Appearance:

Arron is a slim built teen with messy brown hair and large brown eyes. He always wears a green sweater with black trim, blue jeans, a brown leather belt, and brown hiking boots. Arron is very small for his age, but lives up to his strength.


Arron is friendly and caring, but is often frighted by bullies and strong people, due to the fact he was always picked on for his height. Arron can be selfish at times, usually around food, because of his large appetite. He cares for his card monster, Scale Fist, deeply, because he didn't have very many friends as child. He also has a very bad relationship with his mother, Katlyn, who never stood up for him when he was getting bullied.


Arron can heal others by touching their heads, which is his class, Hex Healer. His weapon of choice is a small hand railgun, which shoots dangerously high electricity volts. Arron has high stamina due to his small size and weight.

Hex Card Monster:

Arron's Hex Card Monster is a gorilla aligator hybrid, whom he calls Scal Fist. Like Arron, he is friendly and caring, and has the ability to heal other. Scale Fist has high strength and power, and sharp claws and teeth. He can shoot green auora beams, and can also swim and climb trees.


  • Arron is the only known Hex Healer living.
  • His favorite color is green.

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