Arreit Adventure land is an theme park that opened in 2012 where you can travel worlds Micool has been to on his quests. It is partnered with Fantendo Land.

Micool's Castle Town

Name Class Year Of Opening ---------------------------->
Micool's Castle N/A A castle where you can see Micool's throne, T.V, dining hall and see Micool, Gardenia, Mick Cool and all the other Micool guys. 2012


N/A Take a look to see all the beautiful flowers, Giranha Plants, Grace Giranha and Grand Giranha. 2012
Giranha Pots Teacups Go inside a pot filled with Giranha plants, use the wheel in the middle to measure how fast you go when spinning in circles. 2012
Grand Giddyup Bull Ride Ride on a Grand Giranha in fast circular motions. (A big apple coaster). Try to keep on for as long as you can. In the end of the day, whoever stayed on the longest won 50 dollars. 2012
Lunatic Launcher N/A You get into a big ball that is on an even bigger catapult and launch 3 miles on to another catapult which launches you back to where you started. 2012
Defend the castle! N/A Oh no! Groudous' Minions are attacking the castle! Defend the castle by using your catapult to throw rocks at them, causing them to die. 2012
Micool Diner Restaurant This diner has, Salmon, Potatoes served in every way, Lake Perch, Minnestroni Soup, Ham, choice of Fountain Drinks, Ice-cream served in every known way, Carrot Cake with or without nuts, cheese cake, water, regular, chocolate and vanilla milk, Sushi Salad and Snapple. 2012

Deserty Plains

Name Class Year Of Opening ---------------------------->
Thorny Maze Maze A maze made out of cacti's. If you make it passed the whole maze in 2 minutes, you get a free meal. 2012
Stabble Fortress N/A Go through the fortress and see all the enemies in real life! You get to use weapons to defeat enemies who seem to have slight depth perception problems. 2012
Deep Dunes N/A Go down hills of sand in either a tobaggon, sled or board. 2012
Turbo Tumbleweed N/A You go inside a giant tumbleweed that spins around very fast in place 2012
Peaceful Staloon Restaurant

You may sit either in the bar area, a booth or a table. Many choices of beverages and foods. There are also a few arcade games such as Dig-Dug, Galaxia, Ms. (and regular) Pac-Man and a demo of the game Duck Hunt Wii.


Bodacious Beach

Name Class Year Of Opening ---------------------------->
Wave Whirl N/A An area where you can either swim or sit in a tube in area of water waves. 2012
Mild Moat N/A Use a tube to go ride of an Alternative version of the Lazy River located next to the Sand Stronghold. 2012
Sand Stronghold N/A A gigantic Sandcastle that not only has an area where little kids can make tiny sandcastles in, but has the entrances to the rides Mild Moat and other water slides. 2012
Tidal Survival Ride a surfing board on a(n artificial but realistic) tidal wave. Whoever stays on it the longest from June to August wins a free trip for 6 family members to go to Hawaii. Second place is 360 dollars and the third place winner gets a free surfboard and 65 dollars. 2012
Grabirate Ship N/A Get a tour of the Grabirate Ship. Watch out though, certain Grabirates might try to throw you overboard. But Micool or Mick Cool will probably be there to help protect you. 2012
Pirate Fight N/A Put on armor and try to knock your opponent into the water using a dull (fake) pirate sword. If you face and beat Captain Grabirate yourself, you get a free meal for 4 family members at the Seafood Shack. 2012
Seafood Shack Restaurant This place has several choices of seafood and drinks. There are also burgers and chicken nuggets for picky eaters. 2012

Jammin' Jungle

Name Class Year Of Opening ---------------------------->
Iron Vine N/A Go inside a giant metal vine and swing back and forth faster and faster. 2012

Vineyard Velocity

N/A A rollercoaster with a lot of twists and turns. Did we mention that the tracks are made of (realistic looking) vines? 2012
Tropical Trampolines Trampolines Trampolines for 6 year olds to adults. 2012
Jungle Labryinth Maze Get past a tricky maze. The first 6 people to get out gets their Giranha Plant. 2012
Bongo Beatdown N/A Get on stage and show your drummin' skills. The most favorited of the day gets free tickets to Cost Rica for the whole family. Other participated contestants get a free gift shop card with 20 dollars to Giranha Giftshop. 2012
Giranha Giftshop Giftshop A giftshop that sells sunglasses, sun screen, bug reppellent and much more. 2012
Bongo Bar Restaurant A bar that has tropical based foods. Even burgers have had a Jungle Makeover. Kids can even get their complimentary bongos with every first meal. 2012

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