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Army Dillo is a character who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a tough, loudmouth armidillo who acts as a member of the BRUTISH Team.


Army Dillo was originally a sherrif from the 18th century in a small western country. He can take down one bandit with one homing attack and acts like a complete trigger happy. One day, a group of thieves were robbing the country bank and Army tries to stop them. However when Army goes onto the bandit's cart and beats up all the bandits, the cart rides off a cliff with Army on it.

Suddenly, a portal appeared that saved Army from falling to his death and brought him to the 600th millenium. Army finds himself in Sunny City where he became an Elite Hero.


Army Dillo can scratch enemies close to him and shoot his pistols. He can also curl into his ball and do a homing attack on foes.

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