The group are enjoying a drink in The Jam in the morning when Brandon gets up and rants. They're all confused until they realize that the Jam's mystery and the attackers have gotten to him. The others agree about their curiosity, although Ethan suggests it might not be great. The others outvote him though, and they look for info. Unfortunately, their efforts are to no avail. Brandon collapses on a floorboard, knocking it open and revealing an underground passage.

A series of wall paintings shows people building an ancient mechanism that transforms into a building to fight evil. Brandon lampshades the fact that they just happened to use the building for a club, when Ethan calls out to the four. They go deeper and find colored platforms. Brandon sits on one, causing it to glow. The others do so as well, outfitting them with colored power enhancing armor. Dark gets red, Brandon gets yellow, Ethan gets orange, Samuel gets purple, Sketch gets blue.

Just then, a door on the wall opens, releasing a mechanical being that looks similar to the aliens. Outfitted with a sword and a heavy steel suit, he attempts to strike a blow, causing Dark to wince in fear. However, the armor is able to take the hit, although Dark is hurt. Samuel attempts to help, dealing blows to the robot even though he doubts it's usefulness. However, the armor allows him to hurt the robot, but he too is knocked back. Brandon joins in, using an upgraded gun that fires laser bolts. In addition, Ethan is given a cloak, allowing him to further trick the foe. Sketch is also given a powerful sword. Together, they are easily able to destroy the robot.

They head back upwards and ponder what they'll do with their newfound armors and weapons. Dark proudly declares himself the powerful wise leader of their gang. The rest of the crew laugh at him, enjoying a drink.

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