Armored Mario
Full Name Armored Mario
Current Age N/A
Gender None, but referred to as a male.
Location Bowser's Castle
Current Status single
Class Villain
Mario, Bowser
Family and Relations
Mario (enemy), Bowser (creator)
Main Weapon(s) any weapon Mario has
Ability/ies sharp claws
Vulnerable To water
First Appearance Super Mario Blue: An Eggman Rage and Sonic Red: Bowser Goes Crazy

Armored Mario is a powerful robot created by Bowser, for the sole purpose to kill the famous Mario. However, he has once betrayed Bowser and he has not follows orders from anyone but himself. Later, he sometimes listens to Bowser again. Still, he keeps trying to defeat Mario and his friends for his own purposes. Armored Mario has competed in the games with Mario one time. Before Armored Mario was destroyed by a big explosion at Bowser's Castle, he fell in a river and got destroyed.