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Let me put it this way, Bat-brain: if a kid payed me $300 bucks to guard him and his lemonade stand from the neighborhood bullies, I would do it. Why? Because it would be $300 more bucks than what I had before I took the job.
Arkham Rook, on his reputation.

The Arkham Rook, Gun-for-Hire
Full Name Jaden Strange-Arkham
Current Age Mid-20s
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Otisburg, Gotham City
Align Mercenary
Current Status Paroling Vigilantism
Class Class C Supervillain (Moderate Threat)
Main Weapon(s) Two-Handed Steeled Synthium Hammer
Element(s) Munitions
Ability/ies Peak Physical Condition, Nigh-Superhuman Strength, Subgenius-Level Intellect, Munitial Expertise & Versatility
Vulnerable To Speed.
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'11"
Weight 148 lbs
Sexuality Straight
Series Batman
Family and Relations
Jeremiah Arkham (father), Alisa Strange (mother), Hugo Strange (uncle), Amadeus Arkham (ancestor).

Jaden Strange-Arkham, better known as the Arkham Rook, is a gun-for-hire in Gotham City; although his father desparately wished for him to pursue a more intellectual path, Jaden found satisfaction in working for money. Even though they were his primary source of income, Jaden refused to permanently work for any of Gotham's premeire mob bosses, swearing that he was a "merc for life." At least until Batman caught him.


Early Life

Born in a slightly upscale apartment in Otisburg, Jaden Strange-Arkham had a rough childhood: his father was preoccupied with work (and his gradual spiral into insanity) and his mother had issues of her own, with the landlord gradually becoming more and more intolerant of the Arkhams; eventually, when Jaden was 17, it got to where the landlord immediately demanded them to leave, but his demand was cut short by Jaden shooting him in the head, another jaded soul formed from Gotham's bowels.



From Black to White





  • Arkham Rook Battlesuit - A customized Synthium battlesuit made by Jaden himself, the Arkham Rook battlesuit, despite being put through fire, acid, bullets and ice, has nary a scratch to be seen, although the color has been significantly removed from when he first made it.
  • Steeled Synthium Hammer - While his signature two-handed hammer is weighted and hard to use for most people, the Rook has been known to use it to great efficiency, as many a mobster and cop alike has had his brains splattered with it.
  • The Rooksmark Twin Miniguns - Although standard mini chainguns usually just fire regular bullets, the Rook customized his own miniguns: 8 outer barrels that fire normal caliber bullets in rapid succession and an inner cannon that shoots up to 5 grenades before reloading is necessary; they're also smaller than normal miniguns, so they can be dual-wielded with decent proficiency.
  • Grapnel Boost - While the Rook is capable of getting around Gotham easily enough on his own, he does, on occasion, find the need to scale most buildings quicker than usual, often using a grapple line as a result.
  • Piston-heeled Boots -


  • As a kid, Jaden idolized both Detonator and Firefly for their choice of weapons.

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